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Interview: A Conversation with Artist Nicolas V. Sanchez Explores His Relationship to Family, Memory, and Identity

April 6, 2020

Grace Ebert

“Toro Patina (Blanco)” (2019), colored ballpoint pen, 10 x 15 inches. All images © Nicolas V. Sanchez, shared with permission

Known for his unbelievably realistic drawings rendered in ballpoint pen, New York City-based artist Nicolas V. Sanchez discusses his technique and subject matter, which ranges from domestic scenes to farm animals. In the latest interview for Colossal Members, Sanchez draws connections between his family, memories of his childhood, and how those have shaped his identity.

Left: “El Colorado” (2020), colored ballpoint pen, 10 x 14 inches. Right: “El Giro de Oro” (2020), colored ballpoint pen, 10 x 14 inches




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