Richard Clarkson Studio’s New Aurora Collection Captures the Elegance of the Southern Lights

July 29, 2020

Richard Clarkson Studio

Aurora is a story of a celestial voyage: inspired by NASA satellite footage, Richard Clarkson Studio sought to create a collection that captures the feeling of flying through space and witnessing the Aurora Australis as it dances above the earth. Drawing from a palette of delicate greens, fuchsia, and blues, the design mimics the elegant melange of colors emitted during the phenomenon through translucent lights, opaque blacks, and clouded resin panels. Comprised of a chandelier, linear suspension, pendants, sconces, and desk stand, the new Aurora Collection is Richard Clarkson’s most ambitious lighting endeavor yet, allowing for use in a multitude of settings that range from residences to museums and large-scale event installations.

Released ahead of the rest of the collection, the sconce, pendant, and tabletop iterations each consist of two flowing shapes of resin, a dynamically animated LED light source, and an aluminum, matte, black reflector. With six different shapes and four color options, both the sconce and the pendant are adaptable to a number of different contexts.

For those interested in a minimal design, the studio offers a clear version of the resin panels, along with the standard options. It recommends overlapping differently hued panels or requesting custom colors for those who want a more vibrant and unique piece. The flowing shapes of each panel also are able to be rotated independently of each other, allowing them to take on subtle changes in form. When installed in larger spaces, the lights should be placed in clusters of three or more. 

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