Voice Partners with Emerging Artists to Launch a New Carbon-Neutral NFT Platform

August 9, 2021


“Don’t mind me, I’m just chasing the sun” (2021) by Ayanfe Olarinde

This month, Voice is launching the first environmentally friendly NFT platform where users can mint NFTs for free and buyers can purchase creations with a standard credit card. No cryptocurrency, no gas fees, and no previous NFT experience necessary.

The platform is partnering with curators like Kimberly Drew, Misan Harriman, Myriam Ben Salah, and Azu Nwagbogu, who are part of an inaugural residency that allows emerging creators to explore the transformative opportunities connected to NFTs. This first-of-its-kind partnership will tap the revolutionary technology to create unique collections to be discovered and purchased exclusively on Voice.

“I’ve always been interested and loved the idea of digital art and the value of digital art being akin to the value of physical art,” said Harriman, a photographer and cultural commentator. “And I love the idea that the non-fungible token is allowing digital artists to be able to have a voice and have a value in their voice.”

The residency includes collaboration between creators and Voice’s technologists, ensuring the platform is built as a canvas to showcase creativity and provide opportunities for the community.

One such artist is Ayanfe Olarinde, a self-trained visual artist from Lagos, Nigeria, who explores self-image, identity formation, gender construct, mental health, and more. Her collaborative works will be released on the Voice platform this fall alongside 50+ other artists from around the globe.

Voice’s mission is to open the door to anyone who ever wanted to buy or sell an NFT but didn’t know how. The potential of NFTs is undeniable, and Voice believes that opportunity should be open to everyone. The Voice beta will launch to the outside world in mid-August, and NFTs will be immediately available for sale to adults 18 and older.

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