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Speckled, Crackled, and Kintsugi Sheets of Ceramic Cloak Lisa Agnetun’s Tiny Spirited Ghosts

November 13, 2022

Grace Ebert

A photo of miniature ceramic ghosts

All images © Lisa Agnetun, shared with permission

“They’re very much like people,” says Lisa Agnetun (previously) about her adorably spirited figures. “Except for the fact that high-fired ceramics has the ability to outlive us all. If you treat them respectfully, they will haunt you forever.”

The Gothenburg, Sweden-based ceramicist crafts tiny apparitions with endlessly unique personalities. All wear bedsheet-style disguises, although they’re crafted from different clays, fired at varying temperatures, and covered in glazes that range from matte neutral tones to sleek, vibrant speckles. The artist shares that the characters have gained weight recently and their eyes have widened, and some of the spectral forms have even been fractured and scarred with glimmering gold Kintsugi.

Agnetun plans to update her Etsy shop next on November 25, so keep an eye on her Instagram for details on that release, especially since the tiny apparitions seem to disappear within minutes.


A photo of miniature ceramic ghosts with Kintsugi

A photo of miniature ceramic ghosts

Four photos of miniature ceramic ghosts

A photo of miniature ceramic ghosts

A photo of miniature ceramic ghosts, some serving as vases for flowers

A photo of miniature ceramic ghosts

#ceramics #ghosts #kintsugi #Lisa Agnetun #miniature


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