The Craft Stories Colossal Readers Loved Most in 2022

December 6, 2022


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We’re wrapping up 2022 and revisiting some of the craft projects we wrote about this year. From a 2,000-year-old Roman glass bowl to a menagerie of paper bats, the stories Colossal readers loved most are diverse in medium and subject matter and show a vast array of creativity around the globe.

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A photo of a hand holding a blue glass bowl

Image courtesy of Marieke Mom

Archeologists Unearth a Roman Glass Bowl Dating Back 2,000 Years in Pristine Condition

A January archaeological dig in the city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, unearthed a stunningly preserved bowl made of blue glass that’s estimated to be about 2,000 years old.


A photo of an embroidered moth sculpture

Image © Larysa Bernhardt

Vintage Tapestries Cloak the Wings of Larysa Bernhardt’s Plush Moths

Artist Larysa Bernhardt creates colorful moth sculptures embroidered with vintage tapestries, often portraying historical people, animals, and delicate botanical forms on their wings.


A photo of a paper bat

Image © Guardabosques

A Collection of Paper Sculptures Studies the Wild Diversity of 88 Different Bat Species

A project by Juan Nicolás Elizalde, who is half of the creative team behind the Buenos Aires-based studio Guardabosques, explores the incredible diversity of bats through geometric paper sculptures.


A photo of a patchwork quilt against racism

Image courtesy of SJSA

A Conversation with Social Justice Sewing Academy Explores Community Activism and the Power of Remembering Through Quilts

In a time when witnessing inequity is like digging into an already numb wound, the Social Justice Sewing Academy offers the power of touch. Program director Stephanie Valencia speaks about the work of honoring the victims of violence and their families through community art, supporting young entrepreneurs with creative or social justice-oriented businesses, and most importantly, giving people something to hold on to.


A photo of a hand holding a glass snake

Image © Ryan Eicher

Kaleidoscopic Patterns Coil Around Miniature Snakes Exquisitely Cast in Glass

Intricate linework and trippy, geometric motifs flow through the minuscule glass-blown serpents by Ryan Eicher.


A photo of a hand holding an embroidery hoop with colorful trees

Image © Sew Beautiful

Skies Peek Through Foliage in French Knots in Embroideries that Peer Up From the Forest Floor

The vibrant embroideries of Sew Beautiful capture the awe-inspiring breadth of the outdoors within a tiny wooden hoop.


A photo of a finger holding a tiny paper houseplant

Image © Raya Sader Bujana

Impossibly Small Houseplants and Basketry Crafted from Paper by Raya Sader Bujana

Barcelona-based artist Raya Sader Bujana defines her work as something between sculpture and illustration, creating impossibly tiny replicas of houseplants that rest atop a finger.


A photo of an embroidered human eye peering out from tree bark

Image © Diane Yevtukh

Vivid Compositions in Thread Enliven Hollow Spaces in Diana Yevtukh’s Striking Embroideries

Ukrainian artist Diana Yevtukh draws inspiration from her surroundings by carefully situating cornucopian floral arrangements made of thread in the hollows of trees.


A photo of mugs, cups, and vessels covered in drippy colorful glaze

Image © Brian Giniewski

Mottled, Marbled, and Speckled Glazes Ooze Over Ceramic Vessels in Thick Pastel Drips

Referencing a melty summertime ice cream cone or icing on a cake, Brian Giniewski’s Drippy Pots are covered in mottled pastels, speckles, or single colors that trickle down the exterior of mugs and cups.


A photo of a book opened to be a loom with hands on the shuttle

Image © Cai Wei Qun

An Elaborately Designed Book on Weaving Opens to Reveal a Fully Functional Loom

Cai Wei Qun constructed an impressively immersive book on weaving, which opens to reveal a trove of history, techniques and tricks, and an entire loom tucked between its covers.


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