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Sho Shibata Captures the Beastly Snow-Covered Trees of Japan’s Hakkōda Mountains

February 28, 2023

Grace Ebert

A photo of snow covered trees that look like monsters

All images © Sho Shibata, shared with permission

A few years back, photographer Sho Shibata traversed the frozen landscapes of Aomori’s Hakkōda Mountains documenting the otherworldly formations that cover the slopes. Heavy, icy snow cloaks the countless trees that populate the region, morphing the arboreal vistas into frigid hoodoo-like characters. “This is my favourite place to visit when it is cold like this because it transforms into a wonderland,” Shibata says. “When I first saw them, I actually thought there were lots of snowmen. What’s incredible is how they all look so similar. They look like snow monsters, like they are ghosts.”

Rising to 5,200 feet, Hakkōda is a popular ski destination in the winter, when temperatures plunge and dry, powdery snow blankets the volcanic peaks. “I moved from mountain to mountain. Temperatures got as low as -8 degrees Celsius while I was up there,” he said. “This meant I was able to capture walkers on their journey.”

In addition to the frosty specters shown here, Shibata published a book of black-and-white photos showcasing the area near his home in the Tsugaru region. You can find more of his work on Instagram. (via Spoon & Tamago)


A photo of people skiing down a snow covered mountain

A photo of a snow covered mountain with hundreds of trees

A photo of a snow covered mountain

A photo of a snow and tree covered mountain

A photo of a snow and tree covered mountain

A photo of a snow covered shelter

A photo of a snow and tree covered mountain wiht people skiing

A photo of a person skiing on a hazy, snow covered mountain

#Japan #landscapes #mountains #Sho Shibata #snow


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