#digital #installation #LED lights #light

A Prismatic Installation of LED Lights Mimics a Chameleon’s Color-Changing Scales

February 6, 2023

Grace Ebert

An animated photo a colorful LED-lit wall changing color

All images © SOSO, shared with permission

Hundreds of individual cells shaped like bursting stars comprise a new kaleidoscopic installation by the creative studio SOSO. A project for a San Diego real estate company, “Chameleon Wall” imitates the small reptile by changing color in a dynamic dance of pigment and light. As seen in the video below, the LED-illuminated work seamlessly shifts from gold to teal to bright pink in an array of organic patterns. SOSO shares that “Chameleon Wall” also has an interactive component and is capable of interpreting SMS messages from viewers and crafting a pixelated field of color related to the prompt.

For more of the studio’s digital projects, visit its site.


A photo of three people standing in front of a colorful LED-lit wall

An animated photo of two people standing in front of a colorful LED-lit wall

A photo of a colorful LED-lit wall

A photo of a woman standing in front of a colorful LED-lit wall

#digital #installation #LED lights #light


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