The Other Art Fair Returns To Barker Hangar in Los Angeles This March

March 9, 2023

The Other Art Fair

A photo of a group of people posing with art at the fair

Friends show off their art purchases at The Other Art Fair in Barker Hangar. All photos by Timothy Musho

Your average art experience might look like this: a sparse selection of art on display, out-of-budget, eerily quiet, and overall a bit underwhelming. The Other Art Fair aims to shake this up and is heading to Los Angeles this spring for its first U.S. fair of 2023 with utterly bizarre immersive experiences, LA billboard queen and guest artist ANGELYNE, live DJ sets, interactive workshops, and more. The fair encourages visitors to step out of their comfort zones and discover art differently—an outlandish and unmissable game plan for the weekend.

The Other Art Fair is a celebration of art in all its forms. Born in London in 2011, the Fair Founder Ryan Stanier had the vision to connect art lovers and first-time buyers with undiscovered, emerging artists and has since expanded the fair to over seven global locations—including Brooklyn, Dallas, Chicago, and Sydney—with thousands of artworks finding homes along the way.


A photo of the fair entrance lined with people

Art lovers line up outside Barker Hangar to attend The Other Art Fair in Santa Monica.

Running March 30 to April 2 at Santa Monica’s historic Barker Hangar, the Los Angeles edition, in partnership with Saatchi Art, will bring together the talent of over 140 emerging artists who have been busy creating new work in their studios. The mix of local and international artists is carefully selected by a committee of art-world experts to ensure visitors have an abundance of artistic styles, sizes, and prices to choose from and love.

On the buzzing Opening Night, you might find yourself drink-in-hand, an artwork you landed for under $500 under your arm, surrounded by a group of friends who share your curiosity for new experiences. Alternatively, you could be spotted enjoying a lazy Sunday stroll around the event, come rain or shine, opening your mind to whatever creative conversation comes your way. Whatever your vibe, you’re invited.

Tickets are available at theotherartfair.com.


A photo of two women posing in front of a colorful, geometric mural

Friends pose for a selfie in front of a mural installation at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles.

A photo of two people looking at a vibrant chromatic work on the wall

Two people look on at a colorful artwork by an independent artist at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles.

A photo of two people talking in front of a wall of art

Visitors at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles enjoy drinks as they explore art from over 140 independent artists.





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