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Faunwood’s Adorable Menagerie of Miniature Ceramic Critters Is Primed for Adventure

April 14, 2023

Grace Ebert

A photo on a white backdrop of a ceramic critter with another on its back

All images courtesy of Antler Gallery, shared with permission

Eugene-based artist Miranda Zimmerman, a.k.a. Faunwood, brings a playful ceramic menagerie to Portland this month for Slither, a nearly sold-out solo show at Antler Gallery. Informed by Faunwood’s background in evolutionary biology, the adorable creatures meld art and science and are miniature renditions of amphibians and mammals, all stylized with the artist’s use of wide eyes and mottled glazes. The hand-sculpted characters are expressive and reflective of the organisms’ real-life anatomy, and their unique dispositions emerge through the firing process. “Every ceramic critter I make comes out of the kiln with its own little personality and sass, sometimes completely different from what I’m expecting,” the artist writes on Instagram.

Slither is on view through April 23, and you can find more from Faunwood on her site. (via Supersonic Art)


A photo on a white backdrop of a colorful ceramic snake

A photo on a white backdrop of a ceramic critter

A photo on a white backdrop of a ceramic critter

Four photos on white backdrops of ceramic snakes, pigs, and other critters

A photo on a white backdrop of a ceramic critter

#animals #ceramics #Faunwood #miniature #sculpture


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