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Mirage: Doug Aitken’s Mirrored House Creates a Kaleidoscopic View of the Surrounding Swiss Mountains

February 10, 2019

Andrew LaSane

…, the chosen theme is “Frequencies.” In response, Los Angeles-based artist Doug Aitken (previously) installed a house-shaped structure made almost entirely of mirrored surfaces that reflect the mountains, skies, and trees. Aptly named Mirage Gstaad after the region and its optical effect, the ranch-style structure echoes the snow-covered landscape while also disappearing into the surrounding environment. The structure’s angled walls and ceiling ea…




Billboards That Advertise the Surrounding California Landscape by Jennifer Bolande

March 3, 2017

Kate Sierzputowski

…dvertising. By placing images of the environment beside the roadway Bolande hopes to point passersby back to the landscape itself. The piece is part of the exhibition Desert X which also features Doug Aitken’s mirror-covered house. The exhibition runs through April 30, 2017, and you can see a full schedule of tours and events on their website. (via Designboom)…




Mirage: A Suburban American House Retrofitted with Mirrors Reflects the Mountainous California Desert

February 28, 2017

Christopher Jobson

…ll remain up a bit longer through October 31, but has somewhat irregular hours so be sure to check the schedule before visiting. A post shared by Clive Wilkinson (@clivewilkinson) on Feb 26, 2017 at 9:30pm PST “Mirage” art installation by Doug Aitken in Palm Springs, CA, part of Desert X #mirage #dougaitken #palmsprings #art #installation #house #americanhouse #mirror #disappear #illusion #nature #desert #sanjacinto #reflection #california #cali #…



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