Han Hsu-Tung



New Figurative Wooden Sculptures by Han Hsu-Tung Dissolve Into Pixelated Cubes

October 24, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

Taiwanese artist Han Hsu-Tung (previously) skillfully carves figures from blocks of wood, adding and eliminating cubed segments that make each bird, hand, and human look as if they are morphing into a monochromatic array of pixels. The works hint to our relationship with the screen, presenting the increasingly distracted way in which we view the world. You can see more of Han’s carved walnut, teak, and African wax wood works on Flickr….




A Pixelated Wooden Snorkeler Sculpted by Han Hsu-Tung

August 5, 2017

Christopher Jobson

Taiwanese artist Han Hsu-Tung recently unveiled his latest sculptural work, a 5-foot snorkeler that appears partially pixelated. Han often incorporates digital glitches into has carved figurative works, a few of which we shared earlier this year. You can see more views of this piece and other recent works on Flickr….




Pixelated Wood Sculptures Carved by Hsu Tung Han

February 21, 2017

Kate Sierzputowski

In a clash of digital and analogue, artist Hsu Tung Han carves figurative sculptures from wood that appear to be dissolving into fields of pixels. The Taiwanese artist views the carved figures of men and women as puzzles, planning for each configuration through a series of drawings and clay models. Han then produces the final work from segments of walnut, teak, or African wax wood, carving cubed pieces from the sculptures to give the illusion of suspended levitation or a paused transformation. You can see more of Han’s pixelated wood works on his Flickr. (via Fubiz)…