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Evoking West-African Masks, Faces Emerge from Cast-Iron Skillets by Artist Hugh Hayden

August 12, 2020

Grace Ebert

“Jazz 10” (2020), cast iron, 16 1/2 x 11 3/4 x 3 1/8 inches. All images © Hugh Hayden, courtesy of Lisson Gallery New York-based artist Hugh Hayden (previously) visualizes the ways African traditions are embedded into multiple facets of American culture through a series of cast-iron skillets. Part of a larger exhibition titled American Food, the 26 pans are molded to reveal facial impressions that evoke West African-style masks, blending the cooking tool and cultural object. Generally established by cooks who were enslaved, southern food includes many of the flavors, techniques, and ingredients prevalent in African cuisine, forming what…




Domestic Sculptures Formed With Wood Grown at the United States and Mexico Border by Hugh Hayden

September 20, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

Hayden; Courtesy Lisson Gallery. “ The Jones Part 3” (2018), Sculpted eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) with steel , 78 1/2 x 180 x 26 3/4 in, © Hugh Hayden; Courtesy Lisson Gallery Installation view of Hugh Hayden: Border States at Lisson Gallery, New York (15 September – 27 October 2018). © Hugh Hayden; Courtesy Lisson Gallery. “Untitled (Wagon)” (2018), Sculpted post cedar (Juniperus ashei) , 100 x 89 x 65 in, © Hugh Hayden; Courtesy Lisson Gallery “Untitled (French gothic picket)” (2018), Sculpted post cedar (Juniperus ashei) on plywood , 68 x 98 x 59 in, © Hugh Hayden;…




Impractical Wooden Furniture Created to Blend Into its Natural Environment

May 31, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

“The Jones: Part 2” (2017), sculpted fallen trees from Manhattan, 66 x 72 x 48 inches Hugh Hayden builds furniture not intended for human use, crafting benches and chairs from pieces of wood without removing the original branches or twigs. In these sculptural works the stray forms make it nearly impossible to use the object as a piece of furniture. The shape an Adirondack chair is present, like in his piece The Jones and Other Borrowed Ideas, yet its impediments make sitting an uncomfortable challenge. Hayden’s imbedded branches serve as a camouflage system that explores how his designed objects might…



A Colossal


Sailing Ship Kite