Jun Hao Ong


Art Design

Lust For Light: A New Book of Illuminated Installations, Sculpture, and Images in Contemporary Art

October 15, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

…f a variety of artists such as Liz West, Miguel Chevalier, James Clar, Jun Hao Ong, and Yayoi Kusama to present a wide selection of more traditional and daring examples of light-based work. Stouffer tells Colossal that while working for the last year and a half on the 376-page collection she was overwhelmed and humbled by the impact of light, while also fascinated by what it represents. “All of the artists in this book are working to recreat…




A Giant LED Star Pierces the Floors of a 4-Story Building in Malaysia

November 23, 2015

Christopher Jobson

Malaysian artist Jun Hao Ong constructed this bright LED star that appears to shoot through the floors and ceilings of a 4-story concrete building as part of the 2015 Urban Xchange public art festival. The piece is comprised of steel cables that help suspend a network of over 500 feet of LED lights that grows seamlessly in 12 directions. “The Star is a glitch in current political and cultural climate of the country, it is a manifestation of the…