Leila Jeffreys



Elegant Portraits Highlight the Feathery Features of Leila Jeffreys’ Perfectly Posed Birds

September 25, 2020

Grace Ebert

Those of us who've been party to an awkward family photoshoot or embarrassing school picture have reason to feel envious of the birds Leila Jeffreys (previously) photographs. From a pair of stoic budgerigars to a yellow trio named "The Tweets," the avian subjects are captured in sophisticated and graceful poses that highlight their most stunning features, from the curvature of their beaks to the singular barbs of their feathers. Jeffreys often teams up with conservationists, ornithologists, and sanctuaries to determine her subjects before bringing them to…

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Feathery Portraits That Peek Inside the Personalities of Cockatoos and Doves

October 4, 2017

Kate Sierzputowski

Photographer Leila Jeffreys (previously) captures birds outside of their traditional context, taking various breeds into her studio to photograph without distraction. The simple portraits capture the elegance of each bird, bringing a new perspective to the brilliant colors and textures that belong to each cockatoo, dove, or other domestic or exotic species. The works appear as both an unbiased attempts at documenting a set of animals, and a warm depiction of the feathery subjects. Each gives a peek into the personality of the bird on view, with a few casting solemn expressions, and one…

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Portraits of Birds Ruffling with Personality by Leila Jeffreys

September 18, 2014

Christopher Jobson

To say photographer Leila Jeffreys had an eclectic upbringing would be a bit of an understatement. With a mother from India and a father from the Isle of Man, she has…

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