Miguel Chevalier


Art Design

Lust For Light: A New Book of Illuminated Installations, Sculpture, and Images in Contemporary Art

October 15, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

…(previously) culls the practices of a variety of artists such as Liz West, Miguel Chevalier, James Clar, Jun Hao Ong, and Yayoi Kusama to present a wide selection of more traditional and daring examples of light-based work. Stouffer tells Colossal that while working for the last year and a half on the 376-page collection she was overwhelmed and humbled by the impact of light, while also fascinated by what it represents. “All of the artists i…




A Virtual Reality Sky Projected Above a Parisian Church by Artist Miguel Chevalier

October 11, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski

…ing of Saint-Eustache Church in Paris, Voûtes Célestes is a work by Miguel Chevalier that turned the ancient chapel into the backdrop for a constantly morphing sky chart produced in real time. Cycling through 35 different colored networks, the ceiling glowed with each successive pattern, highlighting the grand architecture that laid below the swirling universes above. The work, accompanied by musical improvisations played by Baptiste-Florian Marle…