Pichi & Avo



PichiAvo Pushes the Boundaries of their Urbanmythology Style with New Solo Exhibition and Graffiti-Covered Greek Statue

March 4, 2019

Sasha Bogojev

…rom wood and cardboard, making the work more flammable and less pollutant. PichiAvo’s Falles statue is set to be finished on March 15, 2019, along with the others included in the Falles Festival, and will be burned in a big celebration on March 19, 2019. Evreka will be on view at the Centro del Carmen in Valencia until May 5, 2019 and a show dedicated to PichiAvo’s limited editions will be on view at Plastic Murs gallery between March…




New Walls and Canvases by Pichi & Avo That Mix Classic Greek Imagery With Graffiti Writing

March 30, 2016

Christopher Jobson

Mural in Boras, image via Pichi & Avo Although Pichi & Avo (previously here and here) have continued to focus on their signature style of classic Greek gods and mythology intermixed with graffiti writing, their works have now migrated off the wall and onto the canvas. The duo still produces stories-high murals, like the two they contributed to the Puerto Street Art Festival in late 2015, but have also began to incorporate their work into…




Murals of Greek Gods Rendered Against a Chaotic Backdrop of Graffiti by Pichi & Avo

March 4, 2015

Christopher Jobson

…raditional graffiti and renderings of mythological figures influenced by ancient Greek sculpture. The precision, shading, and use of color is all that more impressive considering each piece is painted only with spray paint. Pichi & Avo open their first exhibition in Italy titled Urban IconoMythology later this week at Basement Project Room. You can see more of their work here. (via Illusion, Graff Crew, UrbaNNerding, I Support Street Art)…




An Architectural Canvas of Shipping Containers Painted With Greek Gods by Pichi & Avo

July 22, 2014

Johnny Waldman

Earlier this month the renown graffiti duo Pichi & Avo traveled to Werchter, Belgium to create a large, site-specific installation for the North West Walls Street Art Festival. The event was curated by Belgium artist Arne Quinze, who created a stacked structure of numerous shipping containers and gave the Spanish artists creative freedom over the large, architectural canvas. The result is a radiant explosion of unrestrained spray art featuri…