Yusuke Asai



Untamed Flora and Fauna Rendered with Mud in New Multi-Level Mural by Yusuke Asai

March 16, 2020

Grace Ebert

…hing/To Eat at Anomaly in Tokyo, a multi-level project by Japanese painter Yusuke Asai considers the structure of ecosystems and the relationship between humans, animals, and nature. In his mythical installation “The earth is falling from the sky,” a central figure with outstretched arms smiles down from the ceiling. Intertwined scenes of flora and fauna encircle the entirety of the dome-shaped room, with deer, rodents, and snakes scattered throug…




A New Large-Scale Mud Mural by Yusuke Asai Sprawls through Rice Gallery

October 8, 2014

Johnny Waldman

…d in Houston. “There are so many kinds of soil in Houston and Texas,” says Asai. “Initially I had hoped for 10 different shades, and ended up with 27: the widest spectrum of colors representing a specific place that I have ever used.” But why mud, you might wonder? Asai explains: “Dirt is by nature very different than materials sold in art stores.” Seeds grow in it and it is home to many insects and micro organisms. It is a ‘living’ medium.” The r…




A Sprawling Mud Mural by Yusuke Asai Brings Art Into Classrooms in India

May 30, 2014

Johnny Waldman

…mural on the walls of a classroom. You can only imagine the surprise when Asai unveiled a sprawling, immersive mural titled “Earth Painting; The Forest of Vows.” To create the piece, Asai sourced only locally available materials which included 7 different types of soil, cow dung, water and straw. Unfortunately the installation wasn’t permanent and was washed away after several months, but we do have these photos to document the art. (syndicated f…