Design Science

Anatomical Balloon Dog and Rubber Ducky Models by Jason Freeny

March 7, 2016

Christopher Jobson

Designer Jason Freeny (previously) is known for his humorous realizations of popular toys turned into anatomical models. Lego figures, Barbie dolls, gingerbread men, and even gummy bears have all gotten the cross-section treatment, and next up: the classic rubber bath ducky and the balloon dog. Each toy comes as a kit you can assemble yourself. (via The Awesomer) Update: The Balloon Dog, Gummi Bear, and Bathing Ducky are now available in the Col…




Anatomical Barbie by Jason Freeny

September 6, 2012

Christopher Jobson

…Hot on the heels of LEGO anatomy guy comes artist Jason Freeny’s latest work: a hand-sculptured anatomical model of Barbie. Prints available in his shop. (via hi-fructose)…



Art Design

Jason Freeny’s Giant Dissected Lego Men

June 20, 2012

Christopher Jobson

…g for months to post the work of Manhattan-based designer and artist Jason Freeny who creates delightfully morbid dissections of toys and other pop culture characters. His most recent creation is this triptych of three 18″ tall lego men who have been surgically “cut” to reveal their mysterious, Lego anatomy. Freeny acquires actual 18″ novelty toys sold by Lego and then creates the organs and bones using sculpted foam. You c…