Artist Vincent Bal Turns the Shadows of Everyday Objects into Ingenious Illustrations

November 18, 2016

Christopher Jobson

Belgian filmmaker and illustrator Vincent Bal works within the confines of long shadows of everyday objects resting in the sunlight to create a wide range of whimsical doodles. The shadow of a film canister becomes a forbidding tower, or the filaments of a lightbulb cast a dramatic backdrop as a staircase for a daring escape. Bal makes many of his images available as prints over on Etsy, and if you liked this, also check out the works of Christoph Neimann and Thomas Lamadieu. (thnx, David!)…



Illustration Photography

Tender Moments Between Friends and Lovers Illustrated in Photos of the Sky by Thomas Lamadieu

March 23, 2016

Christopher Jobson

Venice, Italy We’ve long be fans of illustrator Thomas Lamadieu‘s quirky depictions of people inhabiting the strange spaces between buildings in his original photographs of the sky. His latest pieces are set against backdrops above South Korea, Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain, some of which also incorporate trees as hairstyles from various landscapes. In a peculiar move Lamadieu utilizes one of the most basic drawing platforms possible to create his artworks: Microsoft Paint. You can see more of his ongoing ‘SkyArt’ series on his website. Gyeongju, South Korea Venice, Italy Gyeongju, South Korea Barcelona, Spain Berlin, Germany Homberg, Germany Berlin,…




Illustrator Thomas Lamadieu Continues to Imagine the Strange Inhabitants Living in the Sky Between Buildings

April 13, 2015

Christopher Jobson

French illustrator Thomas Lamadieu (previously) continues to travel the world to photograph vertical views of the spaces between buildings which he uses as a canvas for his comical illustrations. The gaps between roofs and gutters form the inspiration for different characters who inhabit the irregular patches of sky. To find the unusual vantage points Lamadieu visited Spain, South Korea, Germany, France, Canada and the United States in the last year. You can find more examples on his website….




Sky Art: Illustrations in the Sky Between Buildings by Thomas Lamadieu

April 14, 2014

Christopher Jobson

French illustrator Thomas Lamadieu recently made stops in locations around Germany, Canada, Belgium and France where he shot several aerial views from inside claustrophobic courtyards which he then turned into quirky illustrations. We first shared Lamadieu’s work a year ago to the day, and I really like the progression he’s made since….



Art Illustration

Sky Art: Thomas Lamadieu Illustrates in the Sky Between Buildings

April 15, 2013

Christopher Jobson

For anyone who has lived or visited a narrow courtyard wrapped in buildings it can sometimes be a claustrophobic space with the sky limited in all directions, but the strange geometric gaps formed by the surrounding architecture are often fun to photograph. For instance art director Lisa Rienermann (scroll right) became famous for her award-winning alphabet formed from letters spotted in the space between buildings. However French artist Thomas Lamadieu instead used the constraints as inspiration for his imaginative illustration series Sky Art, where the artist drew within the narrow confines of rooftops and tiny slices of sky to create…