The New Issue of Create! Magazine Is Out Now

March 5, 2021


Cover image by Patty Carroll

We’re delighted at the release of Create! Magazine’s Issue #24, which was curated in part by our editor-in-chief, Christopher Jobson. Colossal readers might recognize some of the artists and photographers featured in the winter edition, including Patty Carroll (previously), Greg Olijnyk (previously), and Rose Sanderson (previously), alongside Bryane Broadie’s digital collages teeming with colorful patterns and ethereal, illustrated portraits by Line Holtegaard.

In 2013, Ekaterina Popova founded Create!, which now boasts an international audience of more than 170,000 readers across digital and print and hosts a podcast featuring contemporary artists, curators, and entrepreneurs. Pick up a copy of Issue #24 in the Create! shop, where Colossal Members always get 20 percent off.


By Bryane Broadie

By Hine Mizushima

By Line Holtegaard

By Cara Guri

By Dylan Gebbia-Richards. Photo courtesy of Stephen Ironside



Colossal Design

Interview: Peter Bellerby Discusses Precision, His Love of Disruption, and the Art of Globemaking

December 14, 2020

Grace Ebert

All images © Bellerby & Co. Globemakers, shared with permission

Peter Bellerby (previously) ventured into globemaking when searching for a gift for his father’s 80th birthday, an endeavor that spurred him to launch Bellerby & Co. Today, the bespoke studio is known for its entirely handcrafted works, which Bellerby discusses in a new interview supported by Colossal Members. Each globe is the product of multiple hands, passing between cartographers, skilled modelmakers, and painters, evidencing the painstaking process and extraordinary precision the team prizes.

While what we’re doing is incredibly accurate and some of the best globes I would hope to imagine have been made in hundreds of years, it’s still an art. You can’t just say, “this is what it is, and by using this math formula, that’s how you solve the equation.” You don’t solve the equation by using math. You solve it by your artistic ability.

In this conversation with managing editor Grace Ebert, Bellerby recounts starting a business with zero experience, shares his love for change and disruption, and discusses the endlessly fascinating world of globes.






Mural Art Project Launches with the Joyful and Nostalgic Works of Artist Gregory Siff in Sedona

December 1, 2020


In collaboration with 4AM Gallery, Mural TX presents the premiere of Mural Art Project, an organization that travels the world searching for locations full of wonder and inspiration to document the creations of world-class artists as they engage with the surrounding area. Mural Art Project’s first iteration features Los Angeles-based artist Gregory Siff, who worked at the rugged Bell Rock landmark in Sedona Arizona.

Throughout his body of work—which includes pieces in a diverse array of space like Swizz Beatz’s Dean Collection, Deitch Projects, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Soho House New York, Soho House Miami, and Google headquarters—Siff taps into childhood nostalgia with joyful intention. His new project created with Mural Art Project captures these memories of his experience in Sedona with each painted element.

To create “Sky Lines,” Siff worked on a clear canvas, allowing the vibrant renderings to contrast the organic landscape. A short video produced by Mural Texas documents the creation of this iconic piece as the artist channels the energy of the location. Siff adds about his experience:

Once you realize the thing you love to do most, there is nothing more fulfilling than doing it in different environments around the world. To be under the Sedona sky among the most beautiful rock formations that gripped me with internal energy, I was moved to tell a story that was unfolding on this adventure.

“Having spent time in the magical vortexes In Sedona, we knew this was the perfect place for the timeless magic of Gregory Siff. Working with the elements of nature infuses a palpable electricity within the art; breathing life into it, as it takes the invisible field and makes it visible,” 4AM Gallery writes about the project. “This work represents the unseen fifth-dimensional forces that are always with us, carrying us through the journey in the matrix of life.”

Mural TX is releasing six original works and four limited-edition prints—titled “Sky Lines,” “Constellations,” “Crayons,” and “Sunset Soul”—to coincide with Siff’s on-site creation. Presented on technicolor, white, and deep blue backdrops, each print contains a series of black vignettes and is available from the Mural Art Project shop.


Gregory Siff works on “Sky Line” in Sedona. All images courtesy of Mural Art Project, shared with permission

“Sunset Soul” (2020), print on archival Hahnemuhle photo paper, 24 x 38 inches. Edition of 17, with a hand-embellished edition of eight

“Constellations” (2020), print on archival Hahnemuhle photo paper, 24 x 38 inches. Edition of 17, with a hand-embellished edition of eight

“Crayons” (2020), print on archival Hahnemuhle photo paper, 24 x 38 inches. Edition of 17, with a hand-embellished edition of eight



Art Colossal Craft

Interview: Danielle Clough Discusses Embroidery’s Lengthy History and the Tenuous Distinction Between Art and Craft

November 24, 2020

Grace Ebert

All images © Danielle Clough, shared with permission

Through thickly layered thread, Cape Town-based artist Danielle Clough (previously) conveys joy, positivity, and moments of pure delight, themes she discusses in a new interview supported by Colossal Members. Clough positions herself in the worlds of both fiber-based craft and art by embroidering intimate portraits of pop culture icons and vivid floral works on found objects. Each piece is stitched in vibrant and bold hues that exaggerate existing tones or provide a playful interpretation of the subject.

I love the space I get to occupy as an embroiderer, which is between a crafter and an artist. Whether I’m seen by somebody else as a crafter or as an artist, it’s really none of my business. I love that space because it gives me room to create without necessarily having to evoke meaning.

In the interview, Clough spoke with managing editor Grace Ebert about her resilient optimism, the creative paths she pursued prior to embroidery, and the incredibly rich history of her chosen medium.





Introducing Chicago Art & Culture, A Weekly Newsletter Curating Events Around the City

November 17, 2020

Grace Ebert

“The Safety Patrol” (2018) by Bisa Butler

This week, we’re launching Chicago Art & Culture, a new weekly roundup of exhibition openings, artists talks, and other fun events occurring around the city. Each Thursday, we’ll share a shortlist of three to five happenings in the realm of art, design, and visual culture. As guidelines around COVID-19 mitigation evolve, we’ll be curating events that are either virtual, held outdoors, and/or following best practices. Sign up for Chicago’s newsletter—in addition to our daily, weekly, and shop updates—here, and check out the first issue. Keep an eye out for New York, Los Angeles, and London lists, too.

Have an event you’d like us to consider? Submit your idea to [email protected]. We’re looking to partner with local businesses and organizations each month, as well. Get in touch at [email protected] to sponsor Chicago Art & Culture.




Skillshare Classes to Keep Your Creative Energy Flowing All Winter Long

November 2, 2020

Grace Ebert

In preparation for both winter and the need to pull ourselves away from the news, we’ve gathered a selection of Skillshare courses that we’re loving here at Colossal. This new grouping features multi-lesson courses focused on various mediums to channel your creative energy, whether through portraiture, personal essays, or visual storytelling. For even more art, design, and illustration lessons, check out our previous recommendations from the popular online platform, too.

Artist Chris Hong is adept at sketching whimsical scenes and rich portraits, a skill she shares in a 12-part course. Aimed at those with some drawing experience, the class explores the basics of light, shadow, and structure and how to infuse renderings with life-like qualities.


Writer and editor Roxane Gay is known for crafting nuanced essays that expertly connect personal moments with larger conversations about race, gender, and identity. Through 11 lessons, Gay offers practical advice about generating ideas, research, and prepping for publication for writers of all backgrounds: “Whether you want to finish your memoir, develop your writing craft, or explore putting pen to paper for the first time, your voice matters. This class is a jumpstart to finding your voice, your story, and sharing it with the world.”


There’s a bleak outlook for travel in the next few months, but Chicago-based photographer trashhand teaches students how to find the otherwise unseen beauty in our immediate surroundings. You’ll want to have some basic photography knowledge prior to joining either his street or cityscape classes, which dive into techniques for taking candids, conveying motion, and shooting upward to capture abstract architectural shots.


Writer, educator, and designer Debbie Millman chats with four renowned creatives—Giorgia Lupi, Adam J. Kurtz, Pam Butler, and Paul Sahre—in a series of exclusive interviews about the art of visual storytelling. Learn to combine art and narrative in a compelling, personal way through seven lessons.


There’s no shortage of articles laying out the ever-elusive ideal routine for creatives, complete with varying rituals and habits. Despite their diverse approaches, the single throughline seems to be that we all need to find what works best for us, a notion that Skillshare founder Michael Karnjanaprakorn adopts. Designed for workers of all stripes, the quick 35-minute course teaches students to map out their weeks and shares strategies for prioritizing, scheduling, and crafting “short-term systems for long-term success.”