Call for Art: Submit Your Work to Create! Magazine’s Next Print Issue Before November 1

October 20, 2020

Grace Ebert

There are just ten days left to submit your art for consideration in the winter issue (#24) of Create! Magazine, which will be curated by our editor-in-chief, Christopher Jobson. Create! has been dedicated to promoting the work of contemporary artists, curators, and entrepreneurs since it was founded by Ekaterina Popova in 2013. Today, the international publication spans digital, print, and audio platforms. 

Find all the submission guidelines on Create! Magazine’s site—a reminder that Colossal Members receive 20% off everything in the store—and share your work before the November 1 deadline.




Interview: Lisa Ericson Dives into the Threat of the Climate Crisis and Why She Chooses Magic Over Scientific Accuracy

October 20, 2020

Grace Ebert

“Anchor.” All images © Lisa Ericson, shared with permission

In her hyperrealistic paintings, artist Lisa Ericson (previously) spotlights the myriad ways animal life and the natural world are connected, a theme she depicts by positioning various species on the backs of others and explains in a new interview. The vivid composites group marine and land creatures in unusual combinations that defy boundaries of habitat and authentic interactions.

The underlying subject matter may be based on a real-world issue (coral bleaching, habitat erosion, etc.), but my take on it is not scientific, and I won’t sacrifice the impact of the image for the sake of scientific exactitude. I like to spin the story in whatever way creates the most visual and emotional impact for the viewer.

In the conversation with managing editor Grace Ebert, Ericson speaks to how COVID-19 has affected her work, the destruction caused by the ongoing climate crisis, and why she forgoes a wholly realistic approach to her paintings. Thanks to the generous support of Colossal Members, our interview series is available to all readers.


“Safe Passage”




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October 15, 2020


During the last few months, Colossal has been evaluating our relationships with massive companies in lieu of more equitable options. In February, we stopped directing buyers to Amazon in favor of Bookshop, which directly supports independent bookstores. Although we will continue publishing to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we’ve begun to deemphasize our growth in those spaces. Those who want to keep Colossal in their feeds always can find us on Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flipboard, and now, Mix (formerly StumbleUpon) and LinkedIn, too. We also will be removing services from Google⁠ and other data-hungry trackers in favor of privacy-based analytics and tools.

Going forward, the best way to stay up to date with the latest in art, design, and visual culture is to sign up for our email newsletters. We offer both a short daily option, which includes the previous day’s articles and a pick from our 10-year archive, and a weekly update with a recap of the best articles of the week. Both newsletters often include interesting news we don’t share anywhere else. Check out some previous editions, and sign up.

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International Open Call: Submit Your Art to Create! Magazine's Winter Issue

October 6, 2020


We’re thrilled that our editor-in-chief, Christopher Jobson, is curating the winter issue (#24) of Create! Magazine. Founded by Ekaterina Popova in 2013, the independent arts publication has an international audience of more than 170,000 readers. Create! spans both digital and print platforms and hosts a podcast featuring contemporary artists, curators, and entrepreneurs (check out Popova and Jobson’s conversation earlier this year on the future of art media).

To be considered for the next issue, submit your work before November 1, and a portion of all fees will be donated to the Tessera Arts Collective and Black Girls Who Paint. Get all the details and guidelines on Create! Magazine’s site, and remember that Colossal Members receive 20% off everything in the store.





We're Still Here—Colossal Turns 10!

August 18, 2020


Image for Colossal by Dave Whyte

Today, Colossal is officially 10 years old. 👏 🎉 👏 🎉 👏 What began as the personal blog of our founder and editor-in-chief Christopher Jobson has since grown into an international platform for publishing the work of artists, designers, and other wildly creative people from all walks of life.

Reaching more than 152 million visitors and serving nearly a half-billion pageviews, we’ve shared the creative output of more than 6,000 artists, both emerging and established. Colossal has curated exhibitions, film programs, partnered with incredible artists and institutions, and interviewed some of the most interesting artists working today.

As many of you can probably relate, almost all plans we made to celebrate our 10th year publishing have been systematically rescheduled, canceled, or otherwise delayed due to Covid-19. We had so many exciting things to share with you, and for now, it’s all on the back burner. This time has also made it difficult for us to make plans—and even struggle to exist—as our revenue model has shifted toward a platform that is supported more through our members than advertising. We can say vaguely that the Colossal Shop will return imminently, we’re soon to launch an annual grant for artists, and a handful of exhibitions are in the cards whether virtual or in real life.

Colossal doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In addition to readers, there are dozens of other publications that have contributed directly to our existence, and we’ve tried our best to reciprocate the love. We’d like to take a moment specifically to send an internet high-five to the people and publications that have helped guide us along the way including Spoon & Tamago, This Isn’t Happiness, Kottke, My Modern Met, Hyperallergic, designboom, swissmiss, Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Booooooom, StreetArtNews, The Jealous Curator, Brain Pickings, Visual Fodder, It’s Nice That, Creative Boom, and The Kid Should See This. These publications help form the backbone of our visual and culture diet and you should read every single one of them.

And lastly, thank you to our incredible contributors: Laura Staugaitis, Kate Sierzputoski, Grace Ebert, Johnny Waldman, Andrew LaSane, Sasha Bogojev, Anna Marks, and Vanessa Ruiz (and welcome, Claire Voon!). Their words have helped bring the work of thousands to life here on this site, and Colossal simply wouldn’t exist without them.

With your help, our path forward is much clearer than it was just a few months ago. For those of you who have become Colossal Members, THANK YOU. Your support means everything to us and has put us in a position to not just exist but potentially to grow in the coming months.



Art Colossal

Interview: Artist Roberto Benavidez Shares His Fascination with Paper Sculpture and the Stories Behind His Fantastical Piñatas

May 26, 2020

Grace Ebert

From the Hieronymus Bosch Piñatas series. All images © Roberto Benavidez, shared with permission

Harboring an ongoing fascination with the piñata, artist Roberto Benavidez (previously) centers his practice on translation as he crafts fantastical creatures and scenes from Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings, medieval manuscripts, and landscape photographs.

When it comes to the form, that’s the challenge for me. The sculptor in me wants to not necessarily replicate the reference material but to capture the spirit of it. At times making adjustments that are either self-referential or just a play on the history of the piñata.

In the most recent interview available to Colossal Members, Benavidez dives into religion, sin, and how conceptions of his own identity impact his sculptures, no matter their original sources. He speaks with managing editor Grace Ebert about the joys of working within the constraints of paper and limiting himself to traditional aspects of piñata making.


From the Illuminated Piñata series