Art Illustration

Collaborative Father-Son Lunchbox Illustrations

November 18, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Every day since kindergarten Rob Kimmel has sent his son to school with a post-it note and pen inside his lunchbox. On the colored paper is a half-completed illustration and half-completed story that his son then finishes. Holy cow, brilliant. Also really like “My favorite constellation is the Nerd“. I had a friend in grade school whose dad drew intricate pencil illustrations of space ships and scenes on his hard-boiled eggs and I always thought it was the coolest thing. My dad sent me to school with a thermos accidentally filled with red wine, but that’s a story for another day. See also: Axe Cop. (via quips)



Illustration Photography

Illustrations by Johan Thörnqvist

November 12, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Whimsical illustrations by Swedish illustrator Johan Thörnqvist. (via bumbumbum)




Drawn Vinyl by Alex Fuller

November 11, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Aex Fuller took 6 hours out of his day to draw a vinyl record for a client. The client ended up rejecting the concept, but he decided to print the poster as a sweet promotional piece. Limited edition of 100 prints available at the Post Family Store. (via fpo)



Design Illustration

Hamilton Fray Wine Packaging

November 10, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Birds on wine labels? I’ll take a case. Great packaging for Hamilton Fray by Motto. Each wine type is represented by a bird that lives natively on the property of the vineyard. Ah, with notes of blueberry, chocolate, and finch. (via lovely package)




Dave Eggers's Book of Illustrations: It Is Right to Draw Their Fur

November 1, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Dave Eggers has just published his first collection of illustrations, It Is Right to Draw Their Fur.

Printed in time to coincide with a gallery show in San Francisco, this is Dave Eggers’s first collection of drawings. Most of these works are of unusual mammals, most often accompanied by slogans with ancient, heroic, or just plain odd overtones. This 14″ x 19″, full-color package is a combination of 26 large-sized prints and an accompanying booklet.

(via quips & cool hunting)




30 Wonder Women by Lucy Knisley

October 22, 2010

Christopher Jobson

An epic painting of 30 Wonder Women charging into battle by artist Lucy Knisley. Society6 now has high-resolution prints available online. (via beale)