Win a Trip to the Engadget Experience in LA, a Celebration of Art and Tech (Sponsor)

October 18, 2017

Engadget Experience

For one day only in Los Angeles, a series of futuristic art installations and panels will bring together some of the brightest minds in art, entertainment, and technology. The Engadget Experience will be an opportunity to experience one-of-a-kind art exhibits and hear from the artists behind these projects. The Engadget Experience will take place at LA’s Ace Hotel on November 14th, and you can win tickets to be there.

To make The Engadget Experience happen, Engadget gave out the largest prizes ever in the field of immersive tech—$100,000 apiece to teams creating art from VR, artificial intelligence and even search results.

The artistic projects that will be part of the experience include:

   — Dance with flARmingos, a mixed reality experience that features a interspecies dance between humans and flamingos. For artist Kristin Lucas, it’s an opportunity to depart from a human-centered worldview.
   — Dinner Party, a virtual-reality thriller based on the true story of the Betty and Barney Hill UFO-abduction incident, the first nationally known UFO abduction in American history.
   — Mapper’s Delight, a cultural tale representing worlds, experiences and gameplay told through hip-hop.
   — Untrained Eyes, a conceptual technology project that takes its inspiration from observing the explicit bias that can be found during everyday image searches within Google and other public-image archives.
   — Your Hands Are Feet, an interactive room-scale VR experience that places you in surreal realities made up of experiential metaphors.

Dance with flARmingos

Dinner Party

Mapper’s Delight

Tickets for the Engadget Experience are on sale now at a temporarily reduced price, but one lucky reader can win two free tickets, plus a two-night stay at the Ace Hotel, a $1,000 airfare stipend and a collection of gadgets that includes the Amazon Echo, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Gear VR and a Smarthome automation bundle.

The Engadget Experience will take place at LA’s Ace Hotel on November 14th. Enter here to win tickets.




In Secret Wood’s Enchanting Pendants, Turtles Carry the World on Their Backs (Sponsor)

September 18, 2017

Secret Wood

Vancouver-based jewelers Secret Wood are known for their fusion of wood and resin to create magical rings. Their latest creation features more enchanting worlds, this time on the back of a turtle.

The recently released World Turtle pendant has a unique feature: it is customizable and interchangeable. Switch between different enchanting worlds to personalize your World Turtle pendant. From waterfalls to winter scenes, coral reefs to blossoms, intricate worlds are artfully created inside the turtle’s geometric shell. The design allows light to shine through, refracting off the shell’s many facets.

These pendants take inspiration from Hindu, Chinese and Indigenous mythologies which tell of the world being found on the back of a turtle. The turtle seemed appropriate for this grand role due to its qualities: perseverance, longevity, and determination.

“We were completely inspired by these mythologies and knew we had to use them in our creations,” explains Secret Wood founder, Roman Wood. “There are so many beautiful landscapes on this Earth, the creative possibilities are endless.”

Much like Secret Wood’s rings, every piece is handmade and unique, ensuring a unique wearable experience. More turtle shell designs will be released in the future.

See more examples of the World Turtle on Secret Wood’s pre-order site. The pre-order for these pendants will run until October 18th, or until crafting capacity is reached.



Innovative Textiles MFA Program at Parsons School of Design Cultivates Creative Change Makers (Sponsor)

September 11, 2017


Can algorithms become textiles? Can local making spur global sustainability? Do smart fabrics make for intelligently designed businesses? Questions like these inspired Lidewij Edelkoort, international trend forecaster and The New School’s dean of Hybrid Studies, to establish the MFA in Textiles, a groundbreaking master’s program at Parsons School of Design — part of The New School in New York City.

Launching in fall 2018, the MFA program is designed to prepare creative leaders for the broadening range of textile applications, including fashion and wearable tech, auto and aerospace industries, heath care, and interiors and architecture. “The good news for textile education is that there is an enormous number of jobs,” says Edelkoort. “You can work for a fashion house designing new fabrics. There is the idea of constructing environments, by knitting buildings and creating tent-like structures, using fiber to regulate temperature. All these things come together, from the smallest bit of embroidery to an enormous built environment.”

The recent proliferation of new materials is bringing together makers, designers, and scholars to reimagine textiles — from locally created materials to 3D-knitted and biofabricated matter. In Parsons’ two-year, 60-credit full-time program, students join working professionals in developing a critical understanding of textiles’ sociocultural, environmental, and emotional dimensions and considering their unlimited potential to unite traditional techniques with cutting-edge technologies.

Entrepreneurship-focused coursework and projects are also interwoven throughout the MFA Textiles curriculum. The program is geared to help students re-shore textile industries, lend studio skills to a wide array of firms, launch an independent enterprise, or pursue advanced studies. “We would like to make a hybrid of the Hudson Valley and Silicon Valley,” says Edelkoort. “We integrate computing into our textiles in an intimate way to bring production close to home, to give the machine to the hand, and hand to the machine.”



Winsor & Newton’s True Colors (Sponsor)

September 4, 2017


The colors are bright and vivid – and they’re the same every time. That’s thanks to the careful and deliberate machine precision that goes into testing every Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic paint. And with their newly released videos, you can go behind the scenes at their London laboratory to see just how they ensure these incredible displays of different shades, again and again.

The secret ingredient behind Winsor & Newton’s Professional Acrylic paint is a group of expert chemists, known as ‘Color Men’, along with a set of in-house artists. Together, they research, develop and discover new paints. This expert team effort provides a range of new products as well as quality assurance. When it comes to color, they have it covered – and tested.

First, the experts examine the light fastness of their Professional Acrylic line of paints. Shining UV light onto color swatches, Winsor & Newton replicate the long-term exposure of paint to light. Measured in real time, the team tracks any signs of fading over 100 hours,  so that you can be guaranteed  that your work will have up to 100 years of lasting color.

The next test measures each Professional Acrylic paint’s color stability. After being loaded into specially designed beakers, the paint is  incubated for extensive periods at extreme temperatures. This ensures the intensity of the colors will survive the inevitable ups and downs of storage, with color guaranteed to be preserved for up to five years.

At the final stage, the opacity of the Professional Acrylic paints is put to the test. The Color Men apply color to specially designed, high contrast chart cards, and then pull the paint at a specific thickness across the card, to ensure that whether you’re painting miniatures or in broad strokes, Winsor & Newton’s Professional Acrylic Paints always deliver perfect consistency.

The rigorous testing that each paint undergoes results in remarkably consistent, reliable materials. By the time Professional Acrylic paints reach your hands, they’ve been tried and tested (and tested, and tested) so you can have the confidence that every color is a color that will work for you.

Learn more about Winsor & Newton’s testing process and Professional Acrylic Paints at winsornewton.com/na/professional-acrylic-paint.



Presenting Gil Bruvel’s “Corso Zundert,” a Documentary About the World’s Largest Flower Parade (Sponsor)

August 28, 2017


Premiering on Colossal, CORSO ZUNDERT is a film about the people of Zundert — a village in the South of Holland — who collaborate to create extravagant, flower-covered floats on a monumental scale for “the largest corso in the world.” The short film follows award-winning artist Gil Bruvel as he discovers this unique community and what drives them to carry on this 80-year tradition of collaboration with their neighbors to create spectacular art for art’s sake.

Each float is designed and built by residents from twenty different neighborhood teams (Buurtschapen) who volunteer their time and energy to compete and innovate every year. Bruvel was contacted by two Dutch designers who were greatly inspired by Bruvel’s own Flow Series. Bruvel was humbled and excited to witness this process in person; bringing a camera crew along to capture the experience.

Produced by POTLUCK Arts + Music, CORSO ZUNDERT captures the brilliance of a rich, and virtually unknown tradition that honors innovation, dedication and community. Viewers are taken into a new world and experience a stimulating visual journey through the painstaking mental and physical labors of construction, to the joys of community collaboration and the lessons learned from a fleeting, season-long process.

Bruvel, who was previously featured on Colossal, said “It was an amazing opportunity to expand my horizons because of the sheer scope of being part of something bigger than any of us as individuals.”

Corso Zundert has also been previously featured on Colossal in 2016 and 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.

This year’s corso is on September 3rd and 4th in Zundert in the south of the Netherlands.

(photo courtesy Corso Zundert)

This post was sponsored by Bruvel, film produced by POTLUCK Arts + Music.



For Winsor & Newton’s Professional Acrylic Paints, Consistency is Key

August 21, 2017

Winsor and Newton

In order to have free reign over your creative ideas, access to consistent tools and materials is essential. Winsor & Newton have taken the guesswork out with their Professional Acrylic paint range: rigorous laboratory testing ensures optimum performance each and every time you uncap a tube.

And now you can see, behind the scenes, how this analysis works. Newly released videos from Winsor & Newton’s London lab document the carefully calibrated process that helps to deliver impeccable paint with every brushstroke. These trials are central to Winsor & Newton’s innovative approach, and are the final step in a process of research and development that yields the brand’s premium products.

‘Color Men’, the lab’s set of expert chemists, work closely with in-house artists on research and development, and are dedicated to testing Winsor & Newton’s products again and again. They’re responsible for ensuring absolute consistency in Professional Acrylic paints.

As a starting point, the Color Men test each Winsor & Newton paint’s opacity levels by examining the degree to which light can pass through it. This test uses a carefully calibrated machine that was built expressly for the process. Color is pulled over special high-contrast cards using an applicator bar, and, once dry, the opacity is measured to ensure perfect levels of coverage over both black and white backgrounds.

Winsor & Newton isn’t just accounting for results: they meticulously monitor the viscosity of their Professional Acrylic to ensure a consistency that’s buttery, reliable, and easy to work with. The Color Men measure viscosity and texture through resistance, by using a viscometer spindle stirred within the paint at a predetermined speed.

As a final measure of engineering perfection, Winsor & Newton ensure the right balance of materials in their Professional Acrylic paint by testing specific gravity—adhering to strict specifications on the volume of each ingredient. The result? Perfect paint, every time.

Learn more about Winsor & Newton’s testing process and Professional Acrylic Paints at winsornewton.com/na/professional-acrylic-paint.