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Send Your Artwork to the Future with The Time Capsule Project

September 16, 2022

Submit your sketchbook and preserve today’s creativity for years to come.

Bury Your Book

It’s 2072. We solved world hunger, you can teleport to Mars, and we really did figure out how to make gas from compost like in Back to the Future.

We know we can’t predict what the world looks like 50 years from now, but we still wanted to find a way to show our future selves and generations to come what means to live in 2022. Along with our friends at the Brooklyn Art Library, we’ve launched The Time Capsule Project, a collection of 1,000 mini sketchbooks that will be buried until 2072. The idea is to fill pages with artworks and stories that offer a glimpse of the moment we’re all living in and preserve today’s creativity for years to come.

Colossal will purchase a specially-designed time capsule that will be sealed and buried following a special exhibition this December at The Factory in St. Petersburg, Florida—more details on that soon!

The Time Capsule Project sketchbooks, which were generously donated by Scout Books, are available now in the Brooklyn Art Library shop. Members receive 15% off, and there will be an exhibition in the fall of this year prior to burial. Submissions are due by September 16, 2022.