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2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest Entries

May 4, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski

…at range from lonely snow covered hills to jam-packed metropolises without room for green space. The grand prize winner of the contest will receive a seven-day Polar Bear Safari for two in Churchill, Canada. (via The Atlantic and This Isn’t Happiness) Spring season in japan, People love to walk in this blue carpet flowers (Nemophila blue flowers) at Hitachi seaside park Ibaraki, © Danilo Dungo / National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year…




Snowy Mountains and Undersea Worlds Encapsulated Within Wood and Resin Rings

April 27, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski

Formed from wood, resin, and beeswax, Canadian jeweler Secret Wood forms tiny worlds within the space of a finger. These environments contain everything from snowcapped mountains to deep blue lagoons, appearing like tiny snow globes atop one’s hand. Like a gemstone, each ring has an angular surface, refracting the scenes carefully placed within. Every piece is completely handmade, ensuring that no two rings are exactly alike. You can see more of…




A Huge Abandoned Bowling Alley in Santa Fe Has Been Turned into an Immersive Art Environment Now Open to the Public

April 12, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski

…interdimensional incident happened in the house, gathering clues with each room you explore, each cabinet you open. No matter where you go in the fictional world, you are interacting with some detailed aspect of the larger narrative. Some tangents get you closer to the mystery, while others fill in details about the family’s long and complicated ancestry. The creative process for creating such an involved experience took 18 months, in part because…



Art Design

Rafael Araujo’s Architectural Renderings of Life Now as a Coloring Book

April 8, 2016

Christopher Jobson

…rtions,” said Araujo. “This secret of nature’s beautiful designs unfolded before my very eyes. Everything I draw is by hand. I don’t use a computer, just a pencil, compass, and a protractor.”…



History Photography Science

Explore the Vast Scientific Collections of D.C.’s National Museum of Natural History Paired with Respective Experts

April 7, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski

…ollections of the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) which together comprise 90% of the Smithsonian’s collections. Found in these material assortments are the reference objects that help scientists, researchers, and museum curators understand our planet—from solid earth fragments to biological material and cultural objects from civilizations long deceased. In this phenomenal photo series from the Smithsonian we get to see the many researche…




Secret Rooms Installed Inside Abandoned Manhole Covers on the Streets of Milan

April 4, 2016

Christopher Jobson

…ed abandoned manhole covers on the streets of Milan into cramped miniature rooms complete with hanging artwork, kitchen utencils, and tiled walls. Titled Borderlife, the artist says the admittedly humorous pieces are meant to draw attention to a more serious issue in Bucharest, where many hundreds of people now live underground in the sewer system. You can learn more about these newest interventions on his website and on Facebook. (via StreetArtNe…




Geometric Sculptures Produced From the Immateriality of Light by James Nizam

March 16, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski

…light entering a darkened room. Through the use of mirrors, he created the complex forms below, resulting in tetrahedrons, stacked triangles, and intersecting rectangles. Recently, Nizam has added color and moved his light sculptures outdoors, casting a blue triangle of light against a city at night in Visible Horizon and forming a blue and pink 16-sided form in Octagram. No matter the location, Nizam’s pieces give a visually physical presence to…