Cai Guo-Qiang



Murmuration: 10,000 Porcelain Birds Create a Calligraphic Landscape at the National Gallery of Victoria

May 24, 2019

Laura Staugaitis

…alia’s National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Chinese artist Cai GuoQiang (previously) has created a swarm of 10,000 porcelain birds, titled Murmuration (Landscape). The multi-part winter exhibition at the museum combines Cai’s contemporary work with the display of a selection of China’s famed ancient terracotta warriors. Cai, who is best known for his enormous artworks that utilize fireworks, assembled the vast quantity of…




A Pyrotechnic Artwork by Cai Guo-Qiang Explodes into a Blossom on the Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

August 5, 2015

Kate Sierzputowski

images via chrisstorb In 2009, Cai GuoQiang was commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to create a site-specific explosion event on the front facade of the museum. The project, titled Fallen Blossoms , used a gunpowder fuse, metal net, and scaffolding to activate a blossom pattern for 60 seconds, temporarily setting the columns of the building ablaze. The fuse for the flower was lit on December 11 at sunset for a large audience. The titl…




A Herd of 99 Lifelike Animals Drink From a Pool at QAGOMA

November 26, 2013

Christopher Jobson

…Natasha Harth, Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art. Artist Cai GuoQiang sculpting an animal for Heritage. Photograph: Cai Canhuang. Artist Cai GuoQiang sculpting an animal for Heritage. Photograph: Cai Canhuang. Inspired by a trip to Stradbroke Island in Australia back in 2011, artist Cai GuoQiang began work on his newest large-scale installation, Heritage, a flock of 99 life-size replicas of wild animals including giraffes, pandas,…