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Bright Floral Crochet Wraps an Iconic Stratocaster Guitar in a Psychedelic Layer of Color

October 20, 2020

Grace Ebert

A new piece by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos (previously) envelops one of Fender's Stratocaster guitars in a vibrant sheath of wool. Titled "Flower Power," loosely crocheted petals cover the entirety of the instrument, wrapping the body, neck, and head in a kaleidoscopic bouquet. The fibrous webbing evokes the aesthetic of the 1960s when Fender's model secured its legendary status. Along with a diverse series of artist-customized Strats, "Flower Power" will be…

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Animal and Insect Sculptures Wrapped in Crocheted Webbing by Joana Vasconcelos

July 29, 2014

Johnny Waldman

In an ongoing series by Joana Vasconcelos, the Portuguese artist has been wrapping various animals—wasps, lizards, snakes, crabs, lobsters, frogs, bull-heads, donkey heads, horse heads, wolves and even cats—in five-needle lace, handmade cotton crochet. But these aren’t any old animals. Vasconcelos has appropriated the ceramic artwork of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846-1905), one of the most renowned Portuguese artists of the 19th century. Each of the pieces “are ambiguously imprisoned/protected by a second-skin in crochet-work,” says Vasconcelos. At once both beautiful and strange, the work stands as a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship of the artist but also as a one-upmanship…

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Layers of Crocheted Fabric Drape Across a Large-Scale Inflatable Installation Inside of Paris’s Le Bon Marché

March 2, 2019

Andrew LaSane

Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos (previously) recently installed a large site-specific inflatable installation covered with crocheted fabric and embellishments inside of Paris' oldest department store, Le Bon Marché. The suspended two-part work, titled "Simone," is the latest in the artist's Valkyries series, and takes inspiration from the female figures in Norse mythology. Named for French human rights activists Simone du Beauvoir and Simone Weil, the large piece features two orb-like structures that…

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A Colossal


Sailing Ship Kite