The 19th Edition of Pioneering Street Art Festival NuArt Challenges Participants to Consider the Old and the New

September 17, 2019

Sasha Bogojev

…game.” Hyuro, photo: Brian Tallman   View this post on Instagram   When there are no pansies to be found in #Norway, the only thing to do is paint one! @nuartfestival #ThePansyProject #PansyBoy #QueerArt #StreetArt #Stavanger A post shared by The Pansy Project (@thepansyproject) on Sep 3, 2019 at 1:11pm PDT Julio Anaya Cabanding, photo: Brian Tallman Nuno Viegas, photo: Brian Tallman Paul Harfleet Edwin, photo: Brian Tallman Photography 1UP CREW, photo: Runa Anderson Dotmaster, photo: Runa Anderson Dr. D, photo: Brian Tallman Julio Anaya Cabanding, photo: Brian Tallman Julio Anaya Cabanding, photo: Brian Tallman Hyuro, photo: Ian Cox https://vimeo.com/366270930…




New Mural Masters Book Offers a Colorful Tour of Contemporary Street Art Around the World

February 16, 2019

Andrew LaSane

Hyuro, Nychos, ETAM, and several others. Individual artist bios reveal details about where the creators are from, how long they’ve been honing their craft, and where in the world their pieces can be found. The book also includes a handy index filled with contact information and social media handles (for those who have them), as well as the locations and photographer credits for each mural included in its pages. Mural Masters: A New Generation is available on shelves now, but you can save a trip and grab a copy here. Mural by Okuda San Miguel Mural by James Bullough &…




Personal Complexities Explored Through Monumental Murals by Hyuro

December 4, 2018

Sasha Bogojev

Tamara Djurovic, who goes by the artist name Hyuro (previously), is wrapping up 2018 as arguably her most prolific year. With striking, diverse, and monumental murals painted everywhere from Brazil, Italy, and Spain to Belgium and The Netherlands, her output never looked more impressive and her aesthetics more distinctive. Growing up in Argentina, Hyuro was attracted to murals at a young age. Buenos Aires has a long tradition of culture surrounding public space, and murals have always been an essential element. “[I’m] not sure in which moment I started to love it, or if it was always there,” she tells…




The Second Annual Nuart Aberdeen Festival Activates the Scottish Town With Installations Inspired by National and Regional Themes

May 14, 2018

Sasha Bogojev

…of public murals, installations, and interventions, which brightened up the daily routines of locals, and provided a new attraction for the festival’s visitors. Addressing themes like the relationship between UK and Scotland (Hyuro), regional history and legends (Bordalo II, Milu Correch, Nimi & RH74, Phlegm), or referring to local specifics such as the lively seagull population (Conzo & Globel; Ernest Zacharevic or Snik), the public works covered topics that locals could easily identify with and engage. And while these pieces were being created on the streets and alleys of the Grey City, selected group of academics were discussing and presenting…




A Preview of the Second Annual Nuart Aberdeen Street Art Festival

March 30, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

…Fuel, Jaune, and more. This year’s installations and temporary exhibitions will center around the theme “A Revolution of the Ordinary,” and include work by international artists Bordalo II, Bortusk Leer, Carrie Reichardt, Dr. D, Elki, Ernest Zacharevic, Glöbel Bros., Hyuro, Milu Correch, Nimi & RH74, Phlegm, and Snik. The opening of Inky Protest, a collaborative exhibition between Nuart and Peacock Visual Arts, kicks off the festival on Thursday, April 12. The exhibition will feature work by artists such as Brad Downey, Mike Giant and Ralph Steadman, Futura, Martha Cooper and Jamie Reid. You can view a preview of the upcoming…



A Colossal


Sailing Ship Kite