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In Theatrical Murals and Dioramas by Aryz, Dramatic Scenarios Unfold in Vivid Color

April 13, 2023

Kate Mothes

A large-scale, diorama-like painting of lions and circus performers inside of a church.

“La Causa” (2020), Saint-Merri Church, Paris, France. All images © Aryz

In vibrant blocks of color, Catalan artist Aryz creates multistory murals and diorama-like artworks that radiate within their surroundings. Known for his saturated chromatic installations (previously) that fill the sides of apartment blocks or stand as panels in grand interiors, the artist emphasizes an outsized sketchy style as if the pigment were applied with giant crayons or pastels.

Aryz often reveals a grid-like structure redolent of paintings’ underdrawings, but rather than cover the structure, he creates distinct compartments containing a variety of textural and compositional elements. While much of his work emphasizes a flat two-dimensional plane, murals like “El Entreacto” expand the grid and incorporate three-dimensional depth with shadows and cartoonish details that glitch or cut off.

Often featuring figures in early 20th-century garments, Aryz’s dramatic scenes involve lions and circus performers, airplanes, or injured figures, evoking associations with early cinema and the First and Second World Wars. The murals’ locations provide incredible backdrops for the artist’s theatrical interior scenes, nodding to the rich history of crumbling old chapels or cavernous sites like Saint-Merri Church in Paris that have been damaged and reconstructed over many centuries.

Find more on his website, and see videos of his process on Instagram. (via Booooooom)


A colorful mural of a lion on the side of a building.

“El Entreacto” (2022), Mannheim, Germany

A colorful mural of a rooster on the side of a building.

“Cocorico” (2022), Clermont-Ferrand, France

A large-scale, diorama-like painting of a dramatic scene of a woman lying in a man's arms flanked by two other women, inside of a decaying church.

“La Muerte del Color” (2020), 19th-century abandoned chapel, Spain

A colorful mural of a woman holding a flower on the end of an apartment block.

“Violeta” (2020), Versailles, France

A colorful diorama installed inside of an old theatre or swimming pool depicting a uniformed man carrying an unconscious woman and calling for help.

“El Auxilio” (2020), Conservatorium aan Zee, Oostende, Belgium

A large-scale, diorama-like painting of planes flying over buildings and plumes of smoke rising, installed inside of a church.

“La Ruina” (2021), Església de Sant Pere, Corbera d’Ebre, Spain

A large-scale, diorama-like painting of planes flying over buildings and plumes of smoke rising, installed inside of a church.

Installation view of “La Ruina” (2021)

A large-scale, diorama-like painting of a woman covering her face with her hands, installed inside of a church.

“El Festejo” (2022), Ex Chiesa San Mattia, Bologna, Italy

A mural of a woman on the side of a building.

“Descanso” (2021), Alcoy, Spain





Multi-Color Murals by Aryz Depict Dynamic Gestures in Large-Scale Sketches

September 12, 2019

Sasha Bogojev

Continuously evolving his style from early surreal comic-like renderings, to subdued portraits, all the way to abstract assemblages, Catalan artist Aryz has built his reputation as a multi-talented muralist. More recently, Aryz has reduced the quantity of new mural projects and has focused his imagery on figurative compositions built from seamlessly integrated elements.

Often leaving the brushwork as visible as possible and mixing vibrant, sometimes clashing colors, he is now fully focused on creating work that aims to translate the unmediated feel of sketching into large-scale murals. “I think, with time, you need to get rid of the technique and at the end go to the basic and go to the essence of the composition of the colors,” Aryz shares with Colossal about his unique manner of building images. “I don’t know if I’m succeeding on that, but that’s my goal at the moment.”

One recent mural, painted earlier this summer in Angers, France, depicts a shirtless man working with a large mallet. The image is constructed from various elements taken at different moments, with loose limbs suggesting energetic action. Sourcing his inspiration from propaganda posters and classical paintings, Aryz is reinventing this imagery with his own style. “I feel comfortable with it, because I like that aesthetic, instead of maybe portraying a contemporary character with jeans and piercings,” the artist explains.

A similar concept was used for a new mural in Berlin, where he conveyed a dynamic scene of wrestlers fighting. “It’s all about painting these humans that are fighting against humans as a reflection of the nowadays society,” Aryz tells Colossal. While having the rough, almost careless aesthetic of pencil drawing on paper, this four stories-tall composition is broken up by the existing window on the building. With fists, legs, and even bones appearing unexpectedly inside the composition, and expressive brushstrokes filling up the surface, the image freezes a moment of great tension.

Aryz is showing his work in several places around France this fall, including in Rouen, France at Temple Saint-Eloi through September 22, 2019, and then through November 24, 2019, in partnership with Hangar 107. In Paris, the artist’s new work is on view starting November 8, 2019. Aryz’s final French stop is at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy, opening 14 Novembre 2019, and closing February 16, 2020. Follow along with Aryz’s whirlwind tour and see more of his fresh work on Instagram.






Gargantuan Street Murals by Aryz

April 9, 2014

Johnny Waldman

ARYZ (1)

“Overprotection” | Linz, Austria 2014


“Double Tie” | Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain 2013

ARYZ (2)

Oslo, Norway 2013

ARYZ (3)

“Grateful death” | Köln, Germany 2013

ARYZ (4)

“feat. OsGemeos” | Lodz, Poland 2012

ARYZ (5)

“Rotten apples” | San Francisco, USA 2013


“Monkey Business” | St. Denis, Reunion Island 2012


“love letter” | Lodz, Poland 2012

If you’re trying to find the globe-trotting Spanish street artist Aryz, you’ll have to look up. Because in whatever city he happens to be in, the prominent artist will typically be hoisted 100ft above street level converting large building facades into public canvases. And buildings aren’t the only thing he’s climbed. At just 25 years of age, Aryz (pronounced “Areez”) has risen to be amongst the top ranks of world-renowned street artists like Banksy and ROA.

Aryz was born in Palo Alto but moved back to Spain when he was just three. He began painting (in the form of graffiti) as a teenager, and his style evolved – in part, from his art studies in college – to what it is today. Bones are a recurring motif in the artist’s work, and so are skin-like muted colors. “I feel it’s really aggressive when you paint in a public space, so I don’t really want to play with bright colors,” said Aryz. “It would be too much.”

Have a look at some of his latest pieces, which includes the artist’s most latest: “Overprotection,” painted in late March, on a large industrial building in Linz, Austria. You can follow the artist on Facebook or Instagram.