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Art Design

Bookmobiles by Lisa Occhipinti

December 7, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Here’s something you can’t do with your Kindle when it finally craps out on you. These Bookmobiles by Lisa Occhipinti are available on Etsy. (via green chair press)



Animation Design

Stop-Motion Ad for Moleskine Mini

December 3, 2010

Christopher Jobson

The 2010 cavalcade of incredible stop motion films continues with a great new advert for the Moleskine Mini by Rogier Wieland based in the Netherlands.

For the new extra small planners/diaries series from Moleskine I made a stopmotion animation, focussing on the bright colors of the diaries and trying to add some surprises to them. The video was made using the original extra small planners. Only the 533 animated pages have been reproduced in Illustrator, printed out on Moleskine paper, cut out and glued inside the planners for each single frame to shoot.




The PNC Christmas Price Index

November 30, 2010

Christopher Jobson

It’s been weeks if not months since I’ve seen a truly engaging Flash-based website that I’ve felt the desire to explore as the designers intended. So this crazy interactive site for the 27th PNC Christmas Index completely blew me away and goes to show that Flash definitely has its place for some online experiences. So just what is the PNC Christmas Index?

PNC is the third largest bank in the US and each year, for the last 27 years, they have compared the prices of the gifts in the song “12 days of Christmas” and compared them to the years before.

The brief was to make a pop-up book out of the price index. A straightforward brief with a lot of room to be creative. The solution we opted for was a full 3D render with a linear but very much interactive storyline. We wanted to give a very simple interaction but give full control and therefore possibility to see the book fold in and out.

The result is a funny mix of a childish and very lifelike pop-up book filled with highly valuable financial information.

Check out the full experience PNC Christmas Index site. The creative director behind the project was Pelle Martin, and you can see lots of sketches and behind the scenes work in his portfolio. Very nice work.




Exhibi-Table for Books

November 25, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Love this slotted book table design by Lu Chieh-Hua and Cheng Tzu-Hao. The Exhibi-Table is designed to help share and recommend newly-arrived books in libraries. Seems like it might be especially successful in schools and universities. Or my living room.




Carved Phone Book Portraits

November 23, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Portraits carved from phone books by artist Alex Queral. This is just about the only good use of a phone book I can think of.

Taking an ordinary phone book, Alex Queral carves a face into this object of so many faceless names. With the book, a very sharp X-ACTO® knife, a little pot of acrylic medium to set detail areas and a great deal of talent, Queral literally peels away the pages like the skin of an onion to reveal the portrait within. Once the carving is complete, he will often apply a black wash to enhance the features and then seal the entire book with acrylic to preserve the work. However, he never loses the line registration; and the book remains quite pliable.

(via coudal)




When Bookshelves Attack

November 5, 2010

Christopher Jobson

There’s been a virtual onslaught of innovative bookshelves this week, so I thought I’d do a quick recap of what I’ve seen. Colossal has not been immune to really great bookshelves.

Some clever new shelf concepts from Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger, of Israel-based Studio Ve. More info and images over at core77.


German designer Miriam Aust has devised a modular method of displaying old, unused books by creating boxed frames that scale to individual books. Extra space can be used for more storage. (via design boom)


The Trick and Cave bookshelves from Sakura Adachi. (via paul over at dudecraft who is a gentleman and a scholar)


Bookshelf/coffee table designed by Shay Alkalay. The slats serve as both bookmarks and storage, while the spines of the book form the top of the table. (via sight unseen)


And lastly the delightfully vertical Stair Case shelf by Danny Kuo. (via doorknob)

Any other hot bookshelves I’m missing?