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Mottled, Marbled, and Speckled Glazes Ooze Over Ceramic Vessels in Thick Pastel Drips

September 27, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Brian Giniewski, shared with permission

Philadelphia-based ceramicist Brian Giniewski (previously) is behind the playfully textured vessels known as Drippy Pots. Referencing a melty summertime ice cream cone or icing on a cake, the glossy material in mottled pastels, speckles, or single colors trickle down the exterior of mugs and cups. To contrast the neutral-toned earthenware of the base vessels, Giniewski throws simple shapes and then dunks the functional objects into a thick glaze.

The ceramicist recently restocked the Drippy Pots shop and also started wholesaling with SSENSE. You can peer into his process and follow updates on future releases on Instagram.





Craft Design

Rainbow Drip Vessels by Brian Giniewski Ceramics

March 20, 2017

Christopher Jobson

Ceramic artist Brian Giniewski produces delightful earthenware vessels that appear to be oozing thick, colorful drips that are frozen in time. The Philadelphia-based ceramicist achieves the texture of the vases and bowls by applying a gritty, matte slip to each piece which contrasts nicely with a special glossy glaze made to melt into drips during the firing process. See more of his work on Instagram and in his online shop.