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Happy Friday

September 30, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Happy Friday folks. This was a slower week than I would have liked, but for good reasons that I can’t really talk about for a few months. Suspense! Have a great weekend. (image via present and correct)




Monthly Measure by Sebastian Bergne

September 10, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Monthly Measure is a brilliant new desktop calendar by Sebastian Bergne (previously here and here) made from a metal gear etched with days of the week that rolls along a slotted piece of wood imprinted with numbers of the month. If that’s not enough awesome for you, the numbers are placed a centimeter apart so it also functions as a metric ruler. The calendar is being released this weekend at Maison&Objet and will hopefully be available in his shop soon. (via mocoloco)




Gregor 2012 Unraveling Scarf Calendar

August 24, 2011

Christopher Jobson

There are only 122 days until Christmas, I think it’s time to kick off the cavalcade of awesome designer calendars. I admit, this one’s a little early, but with good reason. The Gregor calendar by industrial designer Patrick Frey is a delicately knit scarf that counts down the year by unraveling stitch by stitch. Check out the updated video above to see it in action and then head immediately over to the German design shop details where you can pick one up for about $80. I think the version available is in German, but I might be wrong. Usually they have English as well, so stay tuned.

After posting briefly about this calendar last year, after the holidays, after all the Gregor 2011 calendars had been sold, gifted, and were unstitching themselves in kitchens around the globe, it slowly became the number one Googled thing that lead to Colossal for nearly three months. And then the emails started: Do you know where I can buy the calendar? Do you know anyone who has one? Do you have one? Who has one? Why don’t you have one? I don’t care if you’ve unstitched three months already I’ll take it. You can pro-rate it. Look, can I come to your house and just pull the string a little? Like pull off a week? Ok a day. Just a day. Let me unstitch one day off your calendar, man. LET ME PULL ONE FREAKING STITCH DUDE.

At least that’s how I remember it. The calendar is popular. Get one while you can. Keep away from cats. (thnx, martin!)




8,000 Floating Lanterns

June 27, 2011

Christopher Jobson

To celebrate the recent summer solstice, residents of Poznań, Poland gathered to break the country’s record for releasing paper lanterns by setting 8,000 of the glowing lights aloft. Many more videos here. (via the awesomer)




Almost Extinct Calendar

June 16, 2011

Christopher Jobson

The Almost Extinct Calendar designed by London firm The Chase for the BBC Wildlife Fund just picked up accolades at the 2011 D&AD Awards. The calendar displays an endangered animal for every day of the year and is not something I’m particularly eager to hang on the wall, but instead a grim reminder of the inevitable fate many species will soon face due to human interference in their environment. Not too get all soapboxy, but at a time when our culture’s attention is dominated by the internet, television, and other forms of media, it seems the creation of a successful environmental campaign is nearly impossible. That’s what I love about the direct nature of this. At a single glance, without even being able to read, the meaning of the design is painfully clear. Using the interactive calendar you can click to learn more about each animal and then make a donation. (via creative review)




2011 Embroidered Calendar

February 20, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Iwona Przybyla created this DIY embroidery calendar concept that would come packaged with the materials needed to stitch the typography for each month. I think regardless of your skill level with needle and thread you would feel pretty accomplished finishing the year. Really beautiful. (via typography served)



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