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Shots of Snuggling Swans and Ravenous Shags Best the 2021 Bird Photographer of the Year Contest

April 2, 2021

Grace Ebert

Image © Brian Matthews, European shag. All images © Bird Photographer of the Year, shared with permission

This year’s Bird Photographer of the Year contest (previously) highlights a variety of avian adventures from a mallard duckling chasing a fly and an impatient shag to a hamerkop ruthlessly tossing a toad in the air. Now in its sixth year, the annual competition released a selection of finalists this week from more than 22,000 entries spanning 73 countries that capture a range of playful, intimate, and sometimes merciless moments. 2021’s winners will be announced in September. See some of Colossal’s favorite shots below, and pre-order the book compiling more than 200 photographs on the contest’s site.


Image © Andy Parkinson, mute swan

Image © Daniel Zhang, hamerkop

Image © Mark Williams, Eurasian nuthatch

Image © Gábor Li, shags

Image © James Wilcox, American Oystercatcher

Image © Zdeněk Jakl, mallard duck

Image © Li Ying Lou, red-crowned crane

Image © David White, swallow





Amusing Finalists From This Year’s ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’

September 18, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

Mary McGowan, United States, all images licensed through of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Mary McGowan, United States, all images licensed through of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (previously) just closed submissions for their fourth annual competition which collects the most entertaining images from wildlife photographers across the globe. Last year the Overall Winner was an adorable owl caught as it nearly toppled off a branch, and the Under the Sea Winner featured a sassy sea turtle slap. This year submissions range from a disappointed rabbit, to a rhino sporting some uncharacteristic peacock plumage.

The second hardcover volume of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is now available on Bookshop, and award winners for the 2018 competition will be announced on November 15, 2018. To vote for your favorite image from this year’s 41 finalists, or for more information on the competition and their conservation efforts with Born Free, visit their website. (via Kottke)

Amy Kennedy, United States

Amy Kennedy, United States

Jakob Strecker, Germany

Jakob Strecker, Germany

Barney Koszalka, United States

Barney Koszalka, United States

Patty Bauchman, United States

Patty Bauchman, United States

Daniel Friend, United States

Daniel Friend, United States

Robert Adamson, United Kingdom

Robert Adamson, United Kingdom

Kallol Mukherjee, India

Kallol Mukherjee, India 

Michael Lane, United Kingdom

Michael Lane, United Kingdom

Sergey Savvi, Russia

Sergey Savvi, Russia

Muntazeri Abdi, Indonesia

Muntazeri Abdi, Indonesia

Shane Keena, United States

Shane Keena, United States




Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’

December 16, 2015

Christopher Jobson


Winner, Julian Rad / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There are quite a few annual wildlife and nature photography awards these days, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them all, but if there’s room for just one more distinction, I suppose it’s the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Founded this year by wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks, the competition is open to anyone with outrageous and weird photos of animals doing, well, funny stuff. Collected here are some of the winners and highlights of the 2015 competition, you can see more here.



Silver Runner Up, William Richardson / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Highly Commended, Alison Buttigieg / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Highly Commended, Charlie Davidson / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Highly Commended, Graham McGeorge / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Highly Commended, Julie Hunt / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Highly Commended, Marc Mol / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Highly Commended, Tony Dilger / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Highly Commended, Yuzuru Masuda / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards




Winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards

June 16, 2014

Christopher Jobson


© Julio Lucas. Bradenton, FL United States. 1st Place / 2014 Photographer of the Year.

It’s amazing to see the stories we’re now capable of telling with a device that fits in our pocket containing a camera about the size of a dime (or maybe it’s even smaller now, I’m running out of currency/technology scale comparisons). One of the primary champions of photography taken with iPhones is the iPhone Photography Awards which just announced the winners of their 2014 competition. This is the 7th year of the IPPAWARDS, a global contest for photographs taken only with iPhones. This year includes 54 photographers hailing from 17 countries who competed in 17 different categories. Seen here are the top three winners and some of my own favorites, but you can see much more on their website. (via Tim Cook)


© Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez. Madrid, Spain. 2nd Place / 2014 Photographer of the Year.


© Jill Missner. Ridgefield, CT United States. 3rd Place / 2014 Photographer of the Year.


© Michael O’Neal. San Francisco, CA United States. 1st Place / Animals.


© Coco Liu. Illinois, United States. 3rd Place / Architecture.


© Felicia Pandola. Providence, RI. 1st Place / Nature.


© Juana Chaves. Madrid, Spain. 2nd Place / News & Events.


© Terry Vital. Windham, NH. 1st Place / Others.


© Hector Navarro. Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico. 3rd Place / People.


© Coco Liu. Illinois, United States. 1st Place / Seasons.


© Little Su. New Taipei City, Taiwan. First Place / Sunset.



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