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“Not Available on the App Store” Stickers Remind Us There Isn’t an App for Everything

April 29, 2014

Christopher Jobson







Three Hyper Island students (Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa, and Linn Livijn Wexell) dreamed up the idea of making “Not Available on the App Store” stickers as a friendly reminder to get kids away from the screen and into the real world. Stickers are available for purchase or you can make your own. Purchased!



Art Photography

Conceptual Hilarity: Clever Bits of Instagram Nonsense from Brock Davis

April 10, 2014

Christopher Jobson


Ninja Knee


Crayon Tree


Snowman on his smartphone


Beard bear


Cereal TIE Fighter


Chip in a bottle




Good morning

It’s been a long while since we last checked in with Brock Davis (previously) who seemingly dabbles in every creative field there is from illustration and photography to advertising and apparel. But it’s his Instagram account where his brilliance seems to be most highly concentrated, where every image has a mix of laugh-out-loud whimsy and a good dose of why didn’t I think of that. You can see more if his work right here.




DreamWorks Special Effects Artist Transforms His Son into a Superhero

March 28, 2014

Christopher Jobson


Just when you think you’ve mastered every filter and editing technique when making a video of your kid chewing on Legos and pulling the cat’s tail, DreamWorks special effects artist Daniel Hashimoto arrives to trump us all. On his YouTube channel Action Movie Kid Hashmito bestows his son James with superhuman abilities and gives him gadgets of every child’s wildest imagination. Here are five of my favorites but you can see more here. (thnx, Jess!)




Smiley Face Screws by Yuma Kano

March 25, 2014

Christopher Jobson


The next time you grab the toolbox for a quick home improvement project, forget boring old flat or Phillips head screws, these happiness-inducing screws are guaranteed to put a smile on your load bearing beam. Screw :) is a collaborative project between Japanese designer Yuma Kano and a screw factory called Komuro Seisakusho in East Osaka, Japan. Kano began thinking about the potential to infuse emotion into small, ubiquitous objects like screws, the design of which has rarely changed since its invention. Of course smiley face screws aren’t meant as a replacement for more standard designs, but would make a fun detail for smaller projects or areas where a screw might be more visible. You can see much more over on his website. (via NOTCOT, Designboom)







Two Artists Live and Work on a Giant Rotating Hamster Wheel for 10 Days

March 6, 2014

Christopher Jobson


Photo by Scott Lynch courtesy Gothamist


Photo by Scott Lynch courtesy Gothamist

Artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley have constructed a giant wood hamster wheel with a 25-foot-diameter where the duo are currently living and working for 10 days until March 9 at the Boiler in Williamsburg, Brookyln. Why? Because …art! Titled In Orbit, the piece is a continuation of numerous installations where the artists live together in public spaces including Counterweight Roommmate and Stability which they refer to as “architectural performance pieces.”

For In Orbit, the rotating house is designed so that Shelley can live on the exterior of the wheel nearly 30 ft. off the floor, while Schweder lives on the inside due to a fear of heights. Through coordinated movements the pair can rotate the wheel to access beds, desks, chairs and even a kitchen-bathroom combo. You can learn more over at Gothamist and Peirogi Gallery. Photos and video by Scott Lynch. (via Laughing Squid)




Unzipping Public Spaces One Giant Zipper at a Time

February 25, 2014

Christopher Jobson







For the last few years Japanese artist Jun Kitagawa has been installing these giant zippers in public locations around Japan. The 2D and 3D artworks have appeared in buildings, on walls, and even in public ponds, revealing a peek of what lies just below the surface. You can see more over on his blog.

Surprisingly, Kitagawa is not the only artist in Japan working with zippers in public spaces. Artist Yasuhiro Suzuki conceived of a zipper boat back in 2004. The vessel takes advantage of the wake behind the boat to make it look like a giant zipper is unzipping the water. (via Spoon and Tamago)