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Astonishing Contact Juggling by Akihiro Yanai at the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival

October 23, 2012

Christopher Jobson

Earlier this month the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival was held in Tokyo, attracting juggling enthusiasts from around the world for three days of workshops, experimentation, and performance. To give you an idea of what JJF2012 was like participant Darren Wakefield captured some fun video highlights. However one of the most astounding moments was when juggler Akihiro Yanai took the stage to perform six minutes of contact juggling, where balls are maneuvered around the juggler’s body rather than being thrown in the air. The video is admittedly a little shaky however that doesn’t make it any less incredible, this is truly one of the best juggling performances I’ve ever seen and it landed Yanai first place at the championship. (via neatorama)