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Moneygami by Hasegawa Yosuke

February 16, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Right on the heels of last weeks moneygami post, this great work from artist Hasegawa Yosuke who folds assorted currency into little hat-wearing figures, and apparently if you have an iPhone, yeah, there’s an app for this complete with folding instructions. (via green chair press)




Original Money Origami by ‘craigfoldsfives’

February 8, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Some pretty fancy folding from Flickr user craigfoldsfives. (via make)




Tape Cassette Coin Pouches

January 6, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Made of recyclable rubber these Haniboi cassette coin purses are off the hook ya’ll. Available in four colors the cassettes fasten shut with embedded magnets. If these don’t sell out in ten seconds I’ll eat my 8-track collection.




Insert Coin Stop Motion Animation

December 17, 2010

Christopher Jobson

What the what! This isn’t even possible. This must have taken half their lives. (via drawn)




Time is Money

December 15, 2010

Christopher Jobson

The Time is Money clock by ATYPYK available at selekkt. (via svpply)




Pyggy Bank by Nendo

November 1, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Great abstract piggy banks by Nendo. For sale on isetan. (via designboom)