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Video from OK Go: Last Leaf

November 9, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Do these guys ever rest? (via coudal)



Animation Music

Hollerado: Americanarama

October 11, 2010

Christopher Jobson

I count 24 very busy and tired people tucked away inside those boxes. Video directed by Greg Jardin for Canadian band Hollerado.




OK Go: White Knuckles

September 21, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Just when you think they can’t top the last one. (via zulkey)




Tabletop Choreography by upandoverit

September 16, 2010

Christopher Jobson

This crazy Irish hand dancing or whatever it is is putting an enormo smile on my face right now. Performed and choreographed by Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding. Their YouTube channel, upandoverit. (via Amberdrea)