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Chance Encounters Captured on Streets Around the World by Photographer Pau Buscató

March 2, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

Photographer Pau Buscató has captured coincidental moments throughout Oslo for the last eight years, and has specifically focused on street photography for the last four. His candid images reveal an acute talent for predictive timing, often lining up shots that seem like moments of impossible fate.

Although Buscató is based in Oslo, many of his images come from large cities all over the world, including London, Barcelona, and New York City. Despite their different locations, each of these candid photos is part of the same series, a project he has titled Hopscotch in reference to the well-known children’s activity. He explains that his process is similar to this common game, as it must remain playful to present such a creative output.

“The way I like to work in street photography is not very project-friendly, because I prefer not to narrow my vision down to a certain theme, but rather stay open to anything that I might find interesting,” Buscató told Colossal. “It’s a very intuitive way of working, based on trusting my instincts and not limiting myself to preconceived ideas or themes. If there’s some consistency in my work it is because all of it comes from the same place: candid, creative and playful observation, and the intention to let an illogical dimension infiltrate into our mundane, ordinary world.”

Buscató’s upcoming solo exhibition, Hopscotch, opens this fall at Oslo-based gallery Fotografiens Hus. You can follow more of his candid moments on Instagram and Flickr. (via Ignant)




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