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The Disorienting Polyhedral Panoramic Perspective Drawings of Rorik Smith

October 9, 2012

Christopher Jobson

Before an email arrived in my inbox this week I was completely unaware that a polyhedral panoramic perspective drawing was a thing, but apparently is, though a quick google search comes up with nothing. But I’ll take artist Rorik Smith at his word and just enjoy the incredible effects achieved in his disorienting illustrations that are drawn with graphite pencils on-site without aid from photographic reference material or digital manipulation. Smith seems to introduce polarized coordinates at random locations in each drawing and then bends the perspective of the surrounding areas to match. If that makes any sense. Love these. See much more in his portfolio.




Yuri Winkelman

October 5, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A lovely vertical panoramic shot of an electric tower entitled Necessary Sustenance by Dutch art director and photographer Yuri Winkelman. For more vertical panoramic goodness see also the first ever seamless photograph of an entire redwood tree.