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Yumaki Toothbrushes are Recyclable and Ergonomic

October 15, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Yumaki makes some beautiful ergonomic toothbrushes. They’re recyclable and if you send back three you get one free. You can even get a subscription. (via quipsologies)




Made in Peckham: Hendzel+Hunt Turn Local Scraps Into Furniture

October 8, 2010

Christopher Jobson

London-based design studio Hendzel+Hunt set out to reclaim locally discarded materials such as palettes and leftover scraps from the streets and recycle them into some pretty snazzy furniture. See the whole collection. (via cool hunting)




Mind Design Finds Inspiration in Zines for Branding Znips Salon

September 30, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Hot identity work for London salon Znips by mind design.

The Znips logo is inspired by locks of hair and hand-cut lettering we found in a 80s Punk fanzine. As part of the interior we designed an art piece made from chopped books curled into strands of hair resembling the curved shapes in the logo.



Design Photography

An Efficient Used Book Market

September 25, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Clever layout for an outdoor used book market in Den Haag, Netherlands. Photos by Darice de Cuba.




Library Reference Desk Made from Books

September 17, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Here’s a beautiful desk made from repurposed reference books at the Delft University of Technology. (via



A Colossal


Sailing Ship Kite