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The Present: An Annual Clock that Tells Time in Seasons

December 4, 2012

Christopher Jobson

Making the rounds this year on a couple of design-y gift guides is The Present, a clock designed by Booklyn-based creative firm m ss ng p eces. The clock automatically sets itself to the current calendar date when you insert two AA batteries and then takes a year to make an entire revolution as the single hand highlights colors associated with the passing season. An original run of the clock was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year, but the clock is now available to the general public through their website.




Fall: The Color of Central Park Filmed over Six Months

November 28, 2012

Christopher Jobson

This gorgeous time-lapse by filmmaker Jamie Scott starts off like any other video capturing the change of the seasons with the movement of the sun, but then around :30 something pretty remarkable happens. To create the effect Scott filmed in 15 locations around New York City’s Central Park, two times a week, for six months using the exact same tripod and camera lens settings resulting in the footage you see here. (via jason sondhi)




The 2011 All Year Round Calendar by Lene Mirdal

December 22, 2010

Christopher Jobson

The All Year Round Calendar by Copenhagen based architect Lene Mirdal is an enormous circular grid that accounts for every month, week, day and hour of the entire year. Further, the entire calendar is color-coded to match the season with purples and blues for the cold winter months, and orange and yellows for spring and summer. The whole thing is printed on 27″ x 27″ (70cm) matte paper and is available here.