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Shishi San’s Vibrant Tufted Sculptures Celebrate the Colorful Motifs of Chinese Vases

March 30, 2023

Kate Mothes

Two sculptures made from tufted fiber shaped like Chinese vases.

All images © Shishi San. Photo by Alix Joiret

The soft pile of tufted yarn meets vibrant color in Brussels-based artist Shishi San’s bold sculptures. She began tufting in 2019, working on two-dimensional pieces that feature playful flowers, insects, and other creatures, and last year, she propelled her practice into the three-dimensional realm. Inspired by the shape, hues, and patterns of Chinese vases, she began a series of nine voluminous vessels that draw on traditional motifs in a series titled Fluffy Collection. “I wanted to create my own version of them, inspired both by my own experiences and by their visual identity,” she tells Colossal.

San is currently working on her biggest project to date, so you can keep an eye out for updates on Instagram, and find more on That’s What X Said.


A tufted rug shaped like a flower.

Small tufted rugs and wall hangings photographed in an overview on a parquet floor.   Left: Two tufted vase sculptures. Right: The artist Shishi San seated on a stool with tufted vessels on the floor.

Two sculptures made from tufted fiber shaped like Chinese vases.

Left and right: Sculptures made from tufted fiber shaped like Chinese vases.

A tufted wall hanging shaped like a Chinese vase, photographed on a wall in an exhibition space with plants.

A detail of tufted flowers on a blue background.

The artist Shishi San crouching in front of two large, tufted sculptures shaped like Chinese vases.

Photo by Alix Joiret