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The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project: Guerilla Artist Inserts Artwork into Parking Tickets

April 24, 2011

Christopher Jobson

The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project (PTERP) is a project recently started in Brooklyn, New York by an anonymous artist (whom we’ll call Dave) that has recently expanded to Boulder, Colorado as part of the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts. The idea is pretty straightforward: Dave organizes the creation of artworks by fellow artists, children, or anyone that wants to take a stab at dulling the anger/rage an individual encounters when discovering a parking ticket left on their car. After its creation Dave scours the streets covertly stuffing the one-of-a-kind artworks into parking violation envelopes.

Here’s a huge gallery of work recently created and distributed in Boulder. Via email Dave says he doesn’t stick around to see people’s reactions, however he mentions this recent encounter:

I was distributing some final tickets on The Hill in Boulder before I left, and as I was walking away from the car to go into Roma Cafe the dude who’s car it was walked up and had obviously seen me messing with his windshield. I said “You got a ticket but you also got something else” and was walking away. His friend was like “Is that the parking ticket thing?!?!” (They had heard about it). They were psyched. He said it made his day.

To learn more about PTERP you can check out the official website and their Facebook page, or watch the video below.




Crowdsourced Sunset

April 21, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A one-minute sunset comprised of hundreds of photos found via Google image search by Jasper Elings. (via i like this art)



Amazing Design


April 19, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A wonderful new video from LA production company The Mercadantes that explores symmetry and juxtapositions of everyday events and things. These guys are going to get nominated for an Oscar one of these days. (previously here and here).

Update: The video was based on the Radiolab episode “Desperately Seeking Symmetry”.




Museum Water Gun Fight

April 12, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Jason Eppink was recently invited to the Museum of Arts and Design in New York to speak about his involvement with Improv Everywhere. Instead, he instigated a spontaneous water gun fight between over a hundred participants. The world would be a much better place if this happened at every meeting. Read a quick interview about the incident over on Hyperallergic.




Writing on the Water

April 2, 2011

Christopher Jobson

New work from artist Guildor who set these foam phrases afloat in public river-ways in Milan and Treviso. In order they read “happiness happens” and “think thoughtless” (and “love”). (via juxtapoz



Art Design

Census Maps Using Word Frequency From 19 Million Dating Website Profiles

March 31, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Chicago area

Each decade the United States government embarks on a census of its entire population in order to update population numbers and demographic information that aids in the allocation of Congressional seats, electoral votes, and government program funding. But as helpful and interesting as this data is, what does it really tell us about who we are? What about our likes, dislikes, feelings, and the ways we choose to define ourselves? In his project A More Perfect Union, artist R. Luke Dubois asked this very question and set out to answer it by joining 21 dating web sites and aggregating language used in the profiles of 19 million people. The data was then organized to create dozens of insanely detailed city and state maps that tell a wonderfully rich story about who we are, or at least, who we claim to be. Via his artist statement:

To join a dating site you have to, quite literally, “put yourself out there”, describing yourself for the express purpose of being liked. This seemingly simple act is quite complex. You have to provide, in addition to some basic statistics, two pieces of prose: you have to say who you are, and you have to say who you want to be with. In the second piece of writing, you have to tell the truth. In the first, you have to lie.

I joined twenty-one dating sites in order to make my own census of the United States in 2010. These are my findings: a road atlas of the United States, with the names of cities, towns, and neighborhoods replaced with the words people use to describe themselves and those they want to be with.

These maps contain 20,262 unique words, based on the analysis of online dating profiles from 19,095,414 single Americans.

Below are some examples of maps where locations are substituted with words people used to describe themselves. Click any image for more detail.

Central Texas



DuBois also used the data to generate heatmaps helping to draw comparisons between specific terms county by county.

“Bored” (male vs. female)

“Lonely” (male vs. female)

“Sexy” (male vs. female)

“Naughty” versus “Nice”

“Conservative” versus “Liberal”

A More Perfect Union was shown at bitforms gallery in New York earlier this year. Take a deep dive into the maps Dubois created at his website, and check out a short video about the project. (thnx, leif!)



A Colossal


Artist Cat Enamel Pins