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SVA’s Fall 2020 Continuing Education Courses Begin September 28

September 8, 2020


By Olena Shmahalo, SVA CE Student

Whether it’s to advance your career or try something new, SVA CE offers more than 100 online courses to choose from. Visit sva.edu/ce to view all current offerings.

Online courses are available in:

Virtual Events and Information Sessions

Registration Details

Course Advice
If you need advice or have questions please email [email protected] to connect with one of our course advisors. For more information, visit sva.edu/ce.

About the School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts has been a leader in the education of artists, designers, and creative professionals for seven decades. With a faculty of distinguished working professionals, a dynamic curriculum, and an emphasis on critical thinking, SVA is a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility. Comprising 6,000 students at its Manhattan campus and 35,000 alumni in 100 countries, SVA also represents one of the most influential artistic communities in the world. For information about the college, please visit sva.edu.

Division of Continuing Education
E-mail: [email protected]




Explore 110+ Online Courses This Fall With RISD Continuing Education

August 6, 2020


RISD CE Online is excited to announce 110+ online courses for adults and teens, which can be taken from anywhere in the world at any time.

Creative adventures in a range of visual arts and design disciplines await Continuing Education students at Rhode Island School of Design. Join us for accessible, flexible, and immersive online learning experiences through courses like The Home Jewelry Studio, Painting from Nature, Walking as Creative Practice, Adobe Photoshop, Textiles 101 for Interiors, and Domestic Still Life Photography.

From animation and moviemaking to fashion design and art school prep, some teens attend RISD CE Online Teen Courses for fun and enrichment, while others have a more academic goal in mind. These online courses provide a strong grounding in the visual arts and encourage creative and personal growth through self-expression.

RISD’s Advanced Program for High School Students continues this term, offering students in grades 10-12 the opportunity to access intensive, collegiate-level classes as they work toward a college application portfolio. This online program provides an immersive and expressive curriculum informed by our rapidly changing world.

Will you be in Rhode Island or Eastern Connecticut this fall? We are thrilled to return to in-person weekend workshops and hybrid classes at the Westerly Education Center.

Join us for online courses and workshops for personal enrichment and professional development, and apply to one of our certificate programs. We’re open admission—we welcome everyone!

The fall term starts on September 19, 2020. For more information on RISD CE Online Fall Courses, visit ce.risd.edu.



Richard Clarkson Studio’s New Aurora Collection Captures the Elegance of the Southern Lights

July 29, 2020

Richard Clarkson Studio

Aurora is a story of a celestial voyage: inspired by NASA satellite footage, Richard Clarkson Studio sought to create a collection that captures the feeling of flying through space and witnessing the Aurora Australis as it dances above the earth. Drawing from a palette of delicate greens, fuchsia, and blues, the design mimics the elegant melange of colors emitted during the phenomenon through translucent lights, opaque blacks, and clouded resin panels. Comprised of a chandelier, linear suspension, pendants, sconces, and desk stand, the new Aurora Collection is Richard Clarkson’s most ambitious lighting endeavor yet, allowing for use in a multitude of settings that range from residences to museums and large-scale event installations.

Released ahead of the rest of the collection, the sconce, pendant, and tabletop iterations each consist of two flowing shapes of resin, a dynamically animated LED light source, and an aluminum, matte, black reflector. With six different shapes and four color options, both the sconce and the pendant are adaptable to a number of different contexts.

For those interested in a minimal design, the studio offers a clear version of the resin panels, along with the standard options. It recommends overlapping differently hued panels or requesting custom colors for those who want a more vibrant and unique piece. The flowing shapes of each panel also are able to be rotated independently of each other, allowing them to take on subtle changes in form. When installed in larger spaces, the lights should be placed in clusters of three or more. 

Shop the full collection on Richard Clarkson Studio’s site.




Bunch Auctions Offers 20th- and 21st-Century Fine Art From the Stephen Heighton Collection

June 15, 2020

Bunch Auctions

Nina Chanel Abney’s “Untitled” (2007), acrylic on canvas

On June 30, Bunch Auctions20th- and 21st-Century Fine Art Auction draws together a remarkable selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and media art by influential contemporary artists. The 278-lot sale is derived from two private collections and offers a variety of American, European, and South Asian works.

The headliner of the auction, Nina Chanel Abney’s “Untitled (Black Soap),” is a massive, 19-foot triptych and was the first the artist sold in a gallery. The piece comes from Stephen Heighton, the noted collector of American Maximalism who was the co-founding pioneer of some of New York City’s most iconic queer hotspots, including Barracuda, Elmo, and Industry. He was a prolific collector and curated several Manhattan gallery exhibitions, in which he revisited themes of sexuality and sexism, along with the history and perceptions of race. In a 2009 interview, Heighton described “Untitled (Black Soap)” as “the most politically charged work (Abney’s) ever done. She depicts white people washing themselves with black soap to atone for their guilt over slavery.”

The collection also includes Abney’s “Brothers in Blood,” which depicts a young gang member alongside his two canine companions. He has a 187’ tattoo on his arm, representative of Section 187 of California’s penal code defining the crime of murder. Like many of Abney’s other works, it carries political, racial, and religious undertones.

Other works available are Brooklyn-based artist Eddie Martinez’s “Voluptuoso Plant,” which is lively and raw, applying a bold use of color and texture by use of oil, acrylic, and enamel elements. Teetering between abstraction and representation, Martinez expressionist techniques are reminiscent of his earlier dabblings in graffiti and street art. An 18-panel assemblage titled “War in Motion While Systems Intensify, In Chaos We Become,” Andrew Schoultz’s work is dense with political and social commentary, illustrating the confusion and turbulence of our era. The piece is heavily layered with representations of natural disasters, war, and impending destruction.

The second collection of the auction is a robust assortment of international art, with a particular focus on South Asian works, from Albert Lawrence Borden. Having traveled the world as a purchaser in the textile industry, the collector has lived in Brazil, Egypt, and Hong Kong and has been a frequent visitor to Pakistan.  One striking piece from Borden’s collection is Dominique Salvador’s hyperrealist portrait titled “Ecuador Anonymous.” Salvador not only excels at creating a photo-realistic representation but also at capturing her subjects’ personality, spirit, and soul through her imagery.

Bunch Auctions’ 20th- and 21st-Century Fine Art Auction will be online starting at 12 p.m. EST on June 30. Learn more and register to bid at bunchauctions.com.


Nina Chanel Abney’s “Untitled” (2007), acrylic on canvas, triptych, 64 x 229 inches

Nina Chanel Abney’s “Brothers in Blood”(2008), acrylic on canvas, 44 x 34.5 inches

Dominique Salvador’s “Ecuador Anonymous,” oil on canvas, 51 x 39.25 inches

Andrew Schoultz’s “War in Motion While Systems Intensify, In Chaos We Become” (2008), acrylic on wood panels, 10 x 28 feet

Iona Rozeal Brown’s “Browndemics: Lessons From Us?” (2007), acrylic on plywood, 50 x 38 inches

Eddie Martinez’s “Voluptuoso Plant” (2008), oil, acrylic, and enamel on board, 40 x 30 inches



RISD Continuing Education Launches 130+ Online Summer Courses

May 20, 2020


RISD CE Online summer programming includes classes for adults and teens, credit-bearing courses, and the new Advanced Program for High School Students.

No matter where you are, what your skill level, or how much time you have this summer, RISD CE Online has a course for you. Programs include weekend workshops, multi-week sessions, credit-bearing courses, and the new Advanced Program for High School Students. Choose from 130+ online courses with time commitments ranging from three hours to eight weeks.

RISD Summer Programs credit-bearing courses are now online. Students will have access to renowned RISD faculty and the personalized instruction needed to advance their creative practice and create a substantial body of work in a short amount of time. All courses offer three credits and run for six weeks.

Creative adventures in a range of visual arts and design disciplines await adult students at RISD CE Online—from courses and workshops for personal enrichment and professional development to focused certificate programs. For teens interested in art and design, CE is offering online classes in animation, fashion design, and even art school prep. Classes can be taken on an individual basis or as part of a teen certificate program.

The new RISD Advanced Program for High School Students offers high school students the opportunity to access intensive, collegiate-level classes as they work toward a college application portfolio. This online program is offered in two distinct four-week sessions for students completing grades 9-12 and offers an immersive and expressive curriculum informed by our rapidly changing world.

The summer term starts June 22, 2020.

For more information on RISD CE Online Summer Courses, visit ce.risd.edu.



Online Jewelry Design and Marketing Certificate at Pratt Institute School of Continuing and Professional Studies

May 7, 2020

Pratt Institute

Image courtesy of Ashley Marcovitz (Coronation – 3D printed nylon neckpiece)

Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) provides high-quality credit and non-credit courses and programs to adult learners in a variety of subjects for educational advancement, career change, and enrichment.

Advance your jewelry practice this summer in the Jewelry Design and Marketing Certificate at Pratt SCPS. Take your career to the next level with three essential courses that enable you to create more effectively and deliver your designs to the marketplace with distinction. The following courses are being offered online this summer: Finding Your Voice: Branding, Marketing, and Creating Your Unique Presence in the Jewelry Industry, Computer Aided Design and 3-D Modeling for Jewelers, and Jewelry Design + Development.

Join Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings to fast track your small business and advance your skills. Explore the fundamental building blocks of design and marketing with accomplished jewelry industry professionals. 

Visit the Pratt Institute School of Continuing and Professional Studies website to learn more and register for upcoming courses.