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Presenting Gil Bruvel's "Corso Zundert," a Documentary About the World's Largest Flower Parade (Sponsor)

August 28, 2017


Premiering on Colossal, CORSO ZUNDERT is a film about the people of Zundert — a village in the South of Holland — who collaborate to create extravagant, flower-covered floats on a monumental scale for “the largest corso in the world.” The short film follows award-winning artist Gil Bruvel as he discovers this unique community and what drives them to carry on this 80-year tradition of collaboration with their neighbors to create spectacular art for art’s sake.

Each float is designed and built by residents from twenty different neighborhood teams (Buurtschapen) who volunteer their time and energy to compete and innovate every year. Bruvel was contacted by two Dutch designers who were greatly inspired by Bruvel’s own Flow Series. Bruvel was humbled and excited to witness this process in person; bringing a camera crew along to capture the experience.

Produced by POTLUCK Arts + Music, CORSO ZUNDERT captures the brilliance of a rich, and virtually unknown tradition that honors innovation, dedication and community. Viewers are taken into a new world and experience a stimulating visual journey through the painstaking mental and physical labors of construction, to the joys of community collaboration and the lessons learned from a fleeting, season-long process.

Bruvel, who was previously featured on Colossal, said “It was an amazing opportunity to expand my horizons because of the sheer scope of being part of something bigger than any of us as individuals.”

Corso Zundert has also been previously featured on Colossal in 2016 and 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.

This year’s corso is on September 3rd and 4th in Zundert in the south of the Netherlands.

(photo courtesy Corso Zundert)

This post was sponsored by Bruvel, film produced by POTLUCK Arts + Music.



For Winsor & Newton's Professional Acrylic Paints, Consistency is Key

August 21, 2017


In order to have free reign over your creative ideas, access to consistent tools and materials is essential. Winsor & Newton have taken the guesswork out with their Professional Acrylic paint range: rigorous laboratory testing ensures optimum performance each and every time you uncap a tube.

And now you can see, behind the scenes, how this analysis works. Newly released videos from Winsor & Newton’s London lab document the carefully calibrated process that helps to deliver impeccable paint with every brushstroke. These trials are central to Winsor & Newton’s innovative approach, and are the final step in a process of research and development that yields the brand’s premium products.

‘Color Men’, the lab’s set of expert chemists, work closely with in-house artists on research and development, and are dedicated to testing Winsor & Newton’s products again and again. They’re responsible for ensuring absolute consistency in Professional Acrylic paints.

As a starting point, the Color Men test each Winsor & Newton paint’s opacity levels by examining the degree to which light can pass through it. This test uses a carefully calibrated machine that was built expressly for the process. Color is pulled over special high-contrast cards using an applicator bar, and, once dry, the opacity is measured to ensure perfect levels of coverage over both black and white backgrounds.

Winsor & Newton isn’t just accounting for results: they meticulously monitor the viscosity of their Professional Acrylic to ensure a consistency that’s buttery, reliable, and easy to work with. The Color Men measure viscosity and texture through resistance, by using a viscometer spindle stirred within the paint at a predetermined speed.

As a final measure of engineering perfection, Winsor & Newton ensure the right balance of materials in their Professional Acrylic paint by testing specific gravity—adhering to strict specifications on the volume of each ingredient. The result? Perfect paint, every time.

Learn more about Winsor & Newton’s testing process and Professional Acrylic Paints at winsornewton.com/na/professional-acrylic-paint.



School of Visual Arts Continuing Education Fall 2017 Information Sessions (Sponsor)

August 14, 2017


Meet our faculty and learn about our courses. Get the inside scoop on career opportunities and discover the latest on what we have to offer. Sessions begin at 6:30pm and are open to the general public, free of charge.

 — Advertising: Tuesday, August 22, 209 East 23rd Street, Room 502
 — Computer Art: Thursday, September 7, 133/141 West 21st Street, Room 301C
 — Design: Monday, August 21, 209 East 23rd Street, Room 502
 — Film, Video and Animation: Monday, August 21, 209 East 23rd Street, Room 502
 — Fine Arts: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking: Monday, August 28, 133/141 West 21st Street, Room 602C
 — Illustration and Cartooning: Thursday, September 7,  209 East 23rd Street, Room 311
 — Interior Design: Thursday, September 7, 133/141 West 21st Street, Room 1104C
 — Photography: Thursday, August 31, 214 East 21st Street, Room 205A
 — Visible Futures Lab: Wednesday, September 6, 132 West 21st Street, 7th floor, (session begins at 6pm)
 — Visual Narrative: Thursday, September 7, 136 West 21st Street, 11th floor

For more details on each information session please visit sva.edu/ce.



Parsons at Open Campus: Grant Writing Mavericks + Social Media Fanatics + You (Sponsor)

August 7, 2017


Creative business models can be as elusive as the muses themselves. But at Open Campus, The New School’s progressive approach to continuing education, executives, designers, innovators and outliers become part of a creative hive, a collective of like minds who challenge convention — and reinvigorate the marketplace.

Here you’ll explore art & design courses and certificates with Parsons School of Design, part of The New School in NYC, and a world-renowned hub for creative innovation. With an array of breakthrough certificates including Design Leadership for Business, graphic and digital design, fashion business and more, your next ingenious business venture is just around the corner.

Whether you’re taking a short course in design thinking on campus in New York City, or studying on our online learning hub, you’ll connect to a network of cross-disciplinary collaboration built for the new creative economy.

RSVP to attend the Art & Design Info Session with Parsons in NYC on August 15th at 6:30pm.

Explore our World. Expand Yours.



Hurdy-Gurdy: UGEARS Launches the World’s First Mechanical Musical Model (Sponsor)

June 27, 2017


All-in-one: puzzle, toy and fully fledged musical instrument, UGEARS has just launched one of their most ambitious mechanical models yet—Hurdy-Gurdy, now on Kickstarter. Based on the obscure but beloved folk instrument which derives its sounds through a crank-driven wheel that rubs against strings like a violin, the UGEARS Hurdy-Gurdy is a DIY wood model that lets you construct and play it yourself.

Inspired by the art of medieval craftsmen, the new model comes with everything needed for assembly including incredibly precise laser cut wood components, strings, and instructions. To help with easy assembly, the pieces are designed to lock together without the need for glue or adhesive while remaining fully mechanical. All UGEARS products are built from eco-friendly, sustainably sourced plywood.

In addition to the instrument, UGEARS is offering a wide variety of additional models as part of their expanding Mechnical Town series that now includes a Tram Line Model, Rail Manipulator Model, a Robot Factory Model, and a number of smaller toys including a yet-to-be-announced “secret” model.

The Hurdy-Gurdy model launches today and you can mix and match a variety of reward options right now on Kickstarter.

This post was sponsored by UGEARS.



Masterclass: Learning Tools for Artists (Sponsor)

May 22, 2017


For the last 184 years, Winsor & Newton has sought to provide generations of artists with some of the finest paints, brushes, graphic markers, and other supplies designed to meet the rigorous needs of creative individuals. It’s a proud heritage founded on innovation, dedication, and the tireless pursuit of perfection.

In its latest venture, Winsor & Newton is reaching out to artists across the globe to offer guidance and crucial artistic insight. Masterclass is a new series of informative video tutorials for those seeking to improve their techniques and stretch their artistic achievements.

Each new video will include explorations of color, technical advice on surfaces and professional input on mediums. Masterclass promises to reveal the science behind artist’s materials and demonstrate how best to use them. Each topic is carefully deconstructed to allow artists to understand the ‘why and how’ of the materials they use.

This exclusive new series is available free by subscription through Winsor & Newton’s website. With numerous topics in the pipeline, Masterclass is set to become a vital knowledge-base for professional artists and those seeking to perfect their creative practice. Subscribe now and start learning.



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