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Create a Stunning Portfolio with Squarespace (Sponsor)

April 4, 2017


Max Dworkin, maxdworkin.com

Need to make a website as unique as you, but don’t know where to start? Squarespace provides all the tools you need to create a stunning website or portfolio in minutes, without having to touch a line of code.

Their intuitive, all-in-one platform includes beautifully designed templates, drag-and-drop functionality, social media integration, custom domains, email from G Suite, and personalized support from Squarespace’s award-winning 24/7 customer service.

Squarespace websites look great on any device or screen. Showcase your work using multiple presentations including full-screen, slideshows, lightbox, and more. Just upload high-res images and set a focal point; Squarespace will automatically create perfectly cropped versions for every device.

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Adobe Stock Contributor Highlight: Dreamlike Views of Finland Captured by Tiina Törmänen

March 28, 2017


Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Finding the perfect visual asset for your next creative project can seem like a daunting endeavor. With an endless stream of possibilities it can be difficult to find the image or video that truly stands out and speaks to your audience in a unique way. Recognizing this, Adobe has gathered together some of the most eye-popping imagery you won’t find anywhere else available through Adobe Stock Premium.

For the month of March, in conjunction with Women’s History Month, Adobe is celebrating its own female creators. This week we explore Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen who has already lived a multitude of lives with years spent perfecting her skills as a BMX biker, working as professional chef, and apprenticing in a photographer’s studio. Her wildly diverse background now influences her breathtaking landscape photography, where trekking solo at night on a snow mobile—with emergency skis strapped to the side—is just part of the job.

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Although Törmänen has had a camera in-hand for much of her life, it was only recently that she began to point it away from people and out into the expansive landscape that surrounds her. Endless fields of stars, shimmering northern lights, and secretive forest scenes are all hallmarks of her photography. Törmänen likens the skills required to shoot landscapes to those she used for people, a split-second moment where clicking the shutter captures “the soul of the person, the landscape, where you can see the true beauty of it all.”

You can find many of Törmänen’s incredible photographs available for licensing in Adobe Stock’s Premium collection, a selection of highly curated images as unique as your next creative project. Adobe Stock is seamlessly integrated into Creative Cloud applications, so you can search, view, edit, and license photographs, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets and more without leaving your creative workflow. Monthly subscription plans are available for individuals, small teams, and enterprise solutions. Learn more about plans and pricing on Adobe Stock. If you’re interested in selling your own stock photos and videos, visit the Adobe Contributor Portal.

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

This post was sponsored by Adobe Stock.



Earn an MFA in Photography, Creative Writing, Writing for Stage and Screen, or Visual Arts at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (Sponsor)

March 21, 2017

New Hampshire Institute of Art

New Hampshire Institute of Art’s low-residency Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees in Photography, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Writing for Stage and Screen let you earn your graduate degree in your own terms, on your own time. You’ll be immersed in a diverse community of artists and writers, supported by hands-on faculty who take the time to know each student personally, and who actively encourage experimentation and collaboration across disciplines. Back at home, NHIA’s far-reaching network of emerging and well-established artists and advisors will continue to mentor you as you push yourself and your work to new heights.

For art educators NHIA have three graduate level options. The Master of Art in Arts Education (MAAE) is for those who already hold a teaching certificate but wish to take their practice to the next level in a studio-focused program. The Master of Art in Teaching Visual Arts (MAT) is for those who hold a bachelor’s degree and want to become an art educator with a K-12 certification.

For more information, visit nhia.edu/mfa. For admissions questions, contact: [email protected].



Explore Japanese Art, Design, and Architecture in the Free JAPAN 99+1 Travel Guide (Sponsor)

March 17, 2017

Art Japan Travel

Nakajima Library, Akita International University

For the last six months an international group of writers, designers, and travel experts has written a guide to Japan that avoids typical tourist spots and focuses instead on exciting design-centric travel to places visitors rarely explore.

The free downloadable book, JAPAN 99+1: Traveling Through Art, Design, and Architecture, and its companion website, has been published by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) as a way to help travel agencies and planners discover entirely new ways of experiencing a country famous for temples, cherry trees, and ancient traditions of design and craft.

Many of the locales mentioned, whether inside the Tokyo metropolis or remote countryside areas and islands, have been designed by Japan’s best architects, so there’s a strong emphasis on this part of the experience. To put it all into context, Editor-in-chief Roland Hagenberg has interviewed these architects about their work, but within the frame of actual locations you can experience in person during your travels in Japan.

Although the print edition of JAPAN 99+1 is free, its global distribution is limited primarily to the travel industry. However, the same content and more can be found on the project’s website, art.japan.travel, for you to discover right now. Download your free digital copy of JAPAN 99+1, no registration required.

Miho Museum

Aqua Ignis Kataoka Onsen

Oku-Noto Triennale © Naoki Ishikawa

This post was sponsored by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).



Adobe Stock Celebrates the Female Creator

March 13, 2017


Over the last 30 years Adobe has become synonymous with industry-leading software for creative professionals who utilize Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere as indispensable tools in their daily workflow. Despite this success, Adobe hasn’t stopped innovating in its relentless passion to support designers, photographers, and filmmakers in achieving their visions. Case in point: catering to the explosive demand for fresh video and imagery with Adobe Stock, a resource of over 60 million visual assets that is fully integrated into Adobe’s applications.

For the month of March, in conjunction with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Adobe is celebrating its own female creators. This week we take a look at videographer and Adobe Stock video contributor Helen Fields who has contributed a broad portfolio of visual assets that seek to break down stereotypes and bring about social change by exploring a much fuller representation of the human experience. Fields is a former criminal lawyer based in the UK whose dramatic career shift has proven wildly successful. As the need for video has surged across the web and social media, her work has become a subtly important backdrop for a wide range of creative endeavors.

“People are keen to bridge the gender gap,” shares Fields about her work. “They want women in unconventional roles. If you don’t include women in your content, you’re restricting your own portfolio.”

You can explore much more of Fields’ video work in her Adobe Stock portfolio, and learn more about her on Adobe’s Blog. Here are a few of our favorites:

To meet the demands of apps and platforms that are increasingly video-centric, Adobe Stock offers both HD and 4K videos available instantly to all Creative Cloud users, not to mention millions of high-quality photos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates for a variety of projects. Monthly subscription plans are available for individuals, small teams, and enterprise solutions. Learn more about plans and pricing on Adobe Stock. If you’re interested in selling your own stock photos and videos, visit the Adobe Contributor Portal.

This post was sponsored by Adobe Stock.



A Contemporary Art Double-Feature at the Currier Museum of Art (Sponsor)

February 27, 2017

Currier Museum of Art

Charles Clary, Meticulous Excavations Movement #3 (detail), 2017, hand-cut paper and acrylic on panel, dimensions variable, courtesy of the artist, © Charles Clary. Installation in progress for BioLath by Soo Sunny Park at the Currier Museum of Art. Photo by Elias Popa.

Innovative artists can create remarkable objects from simple materials, such as paper, construction supplies, and light. These elements combine in experimental fashion in two new contemporary exhibitions at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, N.H.

Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting examines a re-energized art form dating back to ancient China. The exhibition showcases inventive objects made from cut and manipulated paper, ranging from large-scale installations to detailed diminutive works. The objects explore a wide range of thought-provoking subjects.

Soo Sunny Park, a New Hampshire-based artist, has created a new work of art, BioLath, which immerses visitors in a dynamic, light-filled space. Occupying an entire gallery of the Currier Museum, the artist works with construction materials to filter and refract natural and artificial light.

Deep Cuts is on view until May 21. BioLath is on view until August 6.



A Colossal


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