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Molly Strohl

June 28, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Photographer Molly Strohl has dozens of amazing self-portraits over on Flickr, but these two really caught my attention. Haunting and beautiful work.





June 19, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A great typographical string installation by Sean Martindale. (via rebel art)




Plexus 5 by Gabriel Dawe

May 19, 2011

Christopher Jobson

The latest thread installation from artist Gabriel Dawe (previously) is on display through the end of this weekend at the Pump Project Art Complex as part of the Texas Biennial in Austin.




Anne Lindberg

May 13, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A 2010 installation by artist Anne Lindberg shown at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas. Lindberg used thousands of strands of Egyptian cotton thread suspended between staples to create this glowing, atmospheric space. (via designspiration)




London Underground map made from string

April 18, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A nice string map by fsm vpggru, with a quick making-of video. Would love to do something like this with a CTA map. (via make)

Update: Whoa! My friend Tim took this post to heart and made a Chicago ‘L’ CTA map.




The Silk Vortices of Akiko Ikeuchi

April 11, 2011

Christopher Jobson

(click images for detail)

I am thrilled to share with you the work of Japanese artist Akiko Ikeuchi. Born in Tokyo in 1964, Akiko received a doctorate in painting from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. For over two decades she has been hanging her delicately crafted string sculptures in galleries around Japan, Korea, and New York. The installations are constructed from extremely delicate silk threads, and despite the chaotic appearance of the knotted webs Akiko plans each work as an architect would plan a building with precision blueprints that involve a complex internal framework. The resulting works evoke powerful forces of nature: tornadoes, whirlpools, and perhaps even galaxies themselves.

See an extensive archive of Akiko’s work at her web site, and if you want to see it in person visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo where she has work on display through May 8.




Paper Mt. Hood

April 7, 2011

Christopher Jobson

This paper installation of Mt. Hood by Marisa Green and Peter Bogart was on display at Portland Paper City last month, held at Disjecta Gallery. Beautiful. And they didn’t even have to put a bird on it. See also Jed Heuer’s Paper Pendleton from the same show. Photos by Laura Jennings.



A Colossal


Sailing Ship Kite