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A Morbid New Way to Count Calories: The Sugar Skull Spoon

October 24, 2013

Christopher Jobson




To help reinforce their assertion that sugar is evil, the designers over at Hundred Million designed this wicked Sugar Skull Spoon. Cut from stainless steel, this anatomical serving utensil serves as a morbid reminder every time you get a little scoop happy. Though even if you’re not counting calories it still beats a regular spoon. Pick it up on Kickstarter for about $13. (via Cool Material, This Isn’t Happiness)

Update: The sugar skull spoon is now available in the Colossal Shop.



Design Illustration

Pop-Culture Calavera Prints

February 16, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Illustrator Jonathan Koshi has turned the heads of pop-culture icons into cavaleras, a visual depiction of skulls most often associated with the Mexican celebration for the Day of the Dead.

After nearly 10 years living in the Mission, I was inspired to design a series of Calaveras, sugar skulls, popularized by the Dia de los Muertos celebration. I got a lot of positive response and more than a few requests for prints. […] This is a limited edition, six designs, 50 prints per design. Each is 12 inches square. Mailed flat.

For sale at his web site, Notes from the Zeitgeist. (via omg posters)