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Swimmer Screensaver Shows Sleeping People

September 2, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Clever and surprisingly elegant screensaver that shows people sleeping and wakes them up when you jiggle the mouse.




Love & Theft by Andreas Kykade

August 25, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Mind-bending short animation by Andreas Kykade. The myriad cultural references flash by so quickly them seem to go directly to your subconscious. (via drawn)




Words: A Montage of Life's Moments

August 20, 2010

Christopher Jobson

A great piece by Everynone, a production company out of NYC/LA.




Alone with his giant soap bubbles...

August 19, 2010

Christopher Jobson

Sly Lebulleur makes enormous bubbles in parks around France. No no, I'm fine. I just got some dust in my eye. (via Laughing Squid)