Artists around the world are pushing the limits of our favorite childhood building block, bringing astounding artworks into museums and into the streets. 

Here are nine of our favorite Colossal articles on artists working with LEGO.

In ‘Lost Tablets,’ Jan van Schaik Constructs Deteriorating Architectural Sculptures with LEGO

Elaborately Constructed LEGO Universes by Artist Ekow Nimako Envision an Afrofuturistic World

In His Largest LEGO Work To Date, Ai Weiwei Recreates One of Claude Monet’s Most Famous Paintings

Japanese Lego Master Builds Delicious-Looking Creations From Blocks

LEGO Letterpress: Bird Species from The Netherlands Are Printed with Everyone’s Favorite Toy Bricks

Typeface Studies by Designer Craig Ward Recreate Fonts and Iconic Logos in LEGO

Elaborate Designs by Mitsuru Nikaido Transform Animals and Insects into Complex LEGO Robots

An Undulating Sculpture Recreates Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ in 50,000 LEGO Pieces

Jan Vormann Invites Playful Interaction by Patching Crumbling Walls with LEGO Bricks